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2010 Florida Statutes

Fine and forfeiture fund disposition of revenue clerk of the circuit court.
F.S. 142.01
142.01 Fine and forfeiture fund; disposition of revenue; clerk of the circuit court.
(1) There shall be established by the clerk of the circuit court in each county of this state a separate fund to be known as the fine and forfeiture fund for use by the clerk of the circuit court in performing court-related functions. The fund shall consist of the following:
(a) Fines and penalties pursuant to ss. 28.2402(2), 34.045(2), 316.193, 327.35, 327.72, 379.2203(1), and 775.083(1).
(b) That portion of civil penalties directed to this fund pursuant to s. 318.21.
(c) Court costs pursuant to ss. 28.2402(1)(b), 34.045(1)(b), 318.14(10)(b), 318.18(11)(a), 327.73(9)(a) and (11)(a), and 938.05(3).
(d) Proceeds from forfeited bail bonds, unclaimed bonds, unclaimed moneys, or recognizances pursuant to ss. 321.05(4)(a), 379.2203(1), and 903.26(3)(a).
(e) Fines and forfeitures pursuant to s. 34.191.
(f) All other revenues received by the clerk as revenue authorized by law to be retained by the clerk.
(2) All revenues received by the clerk in the fine and forfeiture fund from court-related fees, fines, costs, and service charges are considered state funds and shall be remitted monthly to the Department of Revenue for deposit into the Clerks of the Court Trust Fund within the Justice Administrative Commission.
(3) Notwithstanding the provisions of this section, all fines and forfeitures arising from operation of the provisions of s. 318.1215 shall be disbursed in accordance with that section.
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