GENERAL APPROPRIATIONS BILL                          Committee       Amendment
SB1500                                                  AED              1

Senator(s) Gardiner moved the following amendment:

Section: 02              EXPLANATION:

On Page: 035             Provides clarifying language to the task force 
                         created to study and make recommendations on 
Spec App:  129           educational opportunities for adults with 

NET IMPACT ON:            Total Funds       General Revenue          Trust Funds
    Recurring -                    0                     0                    0 
Non-Recurring -                    0                     0                    0 

                                               Positions & Amount   Positions & Amount
                                                     DELETE         INSERT

        State Board Of Education  48800000

        In Section 02  On Page 035
129     Expenses  040000  IOEA

DELETE the proviso immediately following Specific Appropriation 129:

From  the  funds  in  Specific  Appropriation 129, $500,000 from General
Revenue  shall  be  provided  for  a  task  force  to  examine  and make
recommendations  for  postsecondary  educational  opportunity for adults
with disabilities once the students exit the K-12 system.


From the funds in Specific Appropriation 129, $500,000 from general 
revenue funds is provided for a K-20 Students with Disabilities 
Education Pathway Task Force. The Commissioner of Education shall 
convene at least 9 members to serve on the task force. The task force 
may include, but is not limited to the following members: a 
representative from the Florida College System; a representative from 
the State University System; a representative from Independent Colleges 
and Universities; a representative from the disability advocacy 
community; a School District Superintendent; a parent of a student with 
disabilities who is seeking postsecondary options; a curriculum 
specialist; an assessment specialist; an ESE teacher; a Senate President 
designee; and a Speaker of the House of Representatives designee. The 

 995061  Log:0006  JMA/JMA           04/08/13 07:16:05 PM  Senate  Page: 1
Department of Education shall provide staff and administrative support 
to the task force. All appointments must be made by July 15, 2013.

The purpose of the task force is to make recommendations on a rigorous 
K-12 academic pathway that will enable students with disabilities to 
earn a diploma that will matriculate into postsecondary education 
college credit programs. In addition, the task force shall recommend 
options for expanding access of students with disabilities to a 
traditional postsecondary academic experience. The task force shall 
submit recommendations by December 1, 2013, to the President of the 
Senate, Speaker of the House of Representatives, and Executive Office of 
the Governor.

 995061  Log:0006  JMA/JMA           04/08/13 07:16:05 PM  Senate  Page: 2