Florida Senate - 2015                             CS for SB 1486
       By the Committee on Community Affairs; and Senator Brandes
       578-03626-15                                          20151486c1
    1                        A bill to be entitled                      
    2         An act relating to residential master building permit
    3         programs; creating s. 553.794, F.S.; requiring local
    4         governments to create master building permit programs
    5         if requested by a licensed general, building, or
    6         residential contractor to assist builders who
    7         construct certain dwellings and townhomes on a
    8         repetitive basis; defining terms; providing
    9         requirements for submitting a master building permit
   10         application, a general construction plan, or a site
   11         specific building permit application; specifying
   12         documents that must be provided with the applications
   13         and plan; requiring master building permits to be
   14         approved or denied within a time certain; providing
   15         duration of validity of approved master building
   16         permits; authorizing a builder to use a master
   17         building permit for individual dwellings or townhomes
   18         under certain conditions; limiting revisions to
   19         approved master building permits; authorizing
   20         governing bodies of local governments to set specified
   21         fees; providing for penalties under certain
   22         circumstances; authorizing local governments to adopt
   23         procedures to carry out master building permit
   24         programs; providing an effective date.
   26  Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:
   28         Section 1. Section 553.794, Florida Statutes, is created to
   29  read:
   30         553.794 Local government residential master building permit
   31  program.—
   33  building official licensed pursuant to part XII of chapter 468
   34  receives a written request from a general, building, or
   35  residential contractor licensed pursuant to chapter 489
   36  requesting the creation of a master building permit program, the
   37  local government that employs the recipient building official
   38  shall create a residential master building permit program within
   39  6 months after receipt of the written request. A master building
   40  permit program is intended for use by builders who expect to
   41  construct identical single-family or two-family dwellings or
   42  townhomes on a repetitive basis. The master building permit
   43  program must be designed to achieve standardization and
   44  consistency during the permitting process and to reduce the time
   45  spent by local building departments during the site-specific
   46  building permit application process.
   47         (2) DEFINITIONS.—For purposes of this section, the term:
   48         (a) “Building orientation” means the placement of a
   49  building with respect to weathering elements such as sun, wind,
   50  and rain and environmental factors like topography.
   51         (b) “Elevation” means a construction drawing that is drawn
   52  to scale and depicts the external face of the dwelling or
   53  townhome to be constructed.
   54         (3) MASTER BUILDING PERMIT APPLICATION.—To obtain a master
   55  building permit, a builder must submit the following information
   56  to the local building department:
   57         (a) A completed master building permit application.
   58         (b) A general construction plan that complies with
   59  subsection (4).
   60         (c) All general construction plan pages, documents, and
   61  drawings, including structural calculations if required by the
   62  local building department, signed and sealed by the design
   63  professional of record, along with a written acknowledgement
   64  from the design professional that the plan pages, documents, and
   65  drawings contained within the master building permit application
   66  will be used for future site-specific building permit
   67  applications. The design professional of record must be a
   68  licensed engineer or architect.
   69         (d) Truss specifications, signed and sealed by the truss
   70  design engineer. The design professional of record must stamp
   71  and sign the truss layout sheet as reviewed and approved for
   72  each model design.
   73         (e) Energy performance calculations for all building
   74  orientations. The calculations must consider worst-case
   75  scenarios for the relevant climate zone and must include
   76  component and cladding product approvals for all windows,
   77  pedestrian doors, garage doors, glazed opening impact protection
   78  devices, truss anchors, roof underlayments, and roof coverings.
   79  The design professional of record must stamp and sign all
   80  product approvals as reviewed and approved for use with each
   81  model design.
   82         (4) GENERAL CONSTRUCTION PLAN.—The general construction
   83  plan submitted as part of a master building permit application:
   84         (a) May be submitted in electronic or paper format, as
   85  required by the local building department. A plan submitted in
   86  paper format must be a minimum of 36 inches by 48 inches or must
   87  comply with requirements of the local building department.
   88         (b) Shall include left-hand and right-hand building
   89  orientations, including floor plans.
   90         (c) Shall include a model design that may include up to
   91  four alternate exterior elevations, each containing the same
   92  living space footprint. The model design:
   93         1. May not contain more than three alternate garage
   94  layouts, with each garage layout limited to accommodating no
   95  more than three cars.
   96         2. Must include a foundation plan.
   97         3. Must contain a truss layout sheet for each exterior
   98  elevation that is compatible with the roof plan.
   99         (d) Must show typical wall sections from the foundation to
  100  the roof.
  101         (e) Must contain a complete set of applicable electrical,
  102  plumbing, fuel gas, and mechanical plans.
  103         (f) Must contain window, door, and glazed opening impact
  104  protection device schedules, if applicable.
  106         (a) A builder may submit to the local building department a
  107  master building permit application that contains the information
  108  identified in subsection (3). Once a master building permit
  109  application is approved as provided in this subsection, the
  110  local building department may only require the builder to submit
  111  the documents identified in subsection (7) for each site
  112  specific building permit application for a single-family or two
  113  family dwelling or townhome.
  114         (b) The local building department shall review the general
  115  construction plan submitted as part of the master building
  116  permit application to determine compliance with existing
  117  building code requirements. If the general construction plan is
  118  approved and all documents provided pursuant to subsections (3)
  119  and (4) are verified, the builder shall receive a master
  120  building permit and permit number.
  121         (c) The local building department must approve or deny a
  122  master building permit application within 120 days after the
  123  local building department receives a completed application,
  124  unless the applicant agrees to a longer period.
  125         (d) A builder may use the master building permit number for
  126  each dwelling or townhome as long as the builder uses the model
  127  design contained in the master building permit.
  128         (e) An approved master building permit will remain valid
  129  until the Florida Building Code is updated as provided in s.
  130  553.73.
  131         (6) REVISIONS TO MASTER BUILDING PERMIT.—Once a master
  132  building permit has been approved, a local building department:
  133         (a) May not allow structural revisions to the master
  134  building.
  135         (b) May allow limited nonstructural revisions to the master
  136  building so long as any revised floor plan is submitted to and
  137  approved by the local building department.
  138         (c) May accept limited field revisions, as determined by
  139  the local building department.
  141  builder has an approved master building permit, the builder is
  142  only required to submit the following information for each site
  143  specific building permit application for a single-family or two
  144  family dwelling or townhome:
  145         (a) A completed site-specific building permit application
  146  that includes the master building permit number and identifies
  147  the model design to be built, including elevation and garage
  148  style.
  149         (b) Three signed and sealed copies of the lot or parcel
  150  survey or site plan, as applicable. The survey or site plan must
  151  indicate the Federal Emergency Management Agency flood zone,
  152  base flood elevation, and minimum finished floor elevation. Lot
  153  or parcel drainage indicators must be shown along with site
  154  elevations.
  155         (c) An affidavit by the licensed engineer of record
  156  affirming that the master building permit is a true and correct
  157  copy of the master building permit on file with the local
  158  building department. The affidavit must reference the master
  159  building permit number. The licensed engineer of record must
  160  affirm that the master building permit will conform to soil
  161  conditions on the specific site.
  162         (d) Complete mechanical drawings of the model design,
  163  including HVAC heating and cooling load calculations and
  164  equipment specifications.
  165         (e) Specific information that was not included in the
  166  master building permit application addressing the HVAC system
  167  design, including duct design and heating and cooling load
  168  calculations.
  169         (8) FEES.—The governing bodies of local governments may set
  170  fees pursuant to s. 553.80(7).
  171         (9) PENALTIES.—In addition to any other penalty provided by
  172  law, a builder or design professional who willfully violates
  173  this section shall be fined $10,000 for each dwelling or
  174  townhome that is built under the master building permit that
  175  does not conform to the master building permit on file with the
  176  local building department.
  177         (10) PROGRAM GUIDELINES.—Each local government may adopt
  178  procedures to provide master building permit program guidelines
  179  and requirements for the submission and approval of materials
  180  and applications.
  181         Section 2. This act shall take effect July 1, 2015.