Florida Senate - 2015                            (NP)    SR 1580
       By Senator Dean
       5-00236-15                                            20151580__
    1                          Senate Resolution                        
    2         A resolution recognizing Jayne Ellspermann, principal
    3         of West Port High School in Marion County, as the 2015
    4         National Principal of the Year.
    6         WHEREAS, throughout her career, Jayne Ellspermann has
    7  demonstrated her commitment to excellence in Florida’s education
    8  system and in the classrooms of Marion County, and
    9         WHEREAS, in 2014, Jayne Ellspermann was selected as the
   10  Florida Association of School Administrators’ Principal of the
   11  Year, and
   12         WHEREAS, Jayne Ellspermann has served as principal at West
   13  Port High School for 10 years and in that time has led the
   14  school from being one of the lowest performing high schools in
   15  the county to the highest achieving, and
   16         WHEREAS, principals and assistant principals are entrusted
   17  with the lives of young people, Florida’s most valuable asset,
   18  and their work encompasses educational vision, instructional
   19  leadership, assessment expertise, even-handed discipline,
   20  community building, public relations skill, budget analysis,
   21  facility management, special program administration, and
   22  guardianship of various legal, contractual, and policy mandates
   23  and initiatives, and
   24         WHEREAS, Jayne Ellspermann sets the academic tone for her
   25  school and works collaboratively with teachers and the community
   26  to develop and maintain high curriculum standards, set
   27  performance goals and objectives, and direct oversight of
   28  groundbreaking initiatives, and
   29         WHEREAS, Jayne Ellspermann’s vision, dedication, and
   30  determination mobilize her school reform effort and have
   31  transformed West Port High School into a high school that
   32  fosters the development of college- and career-ready students,
   33  and
   34         WHEREAS, Jayne Ellspermann’s selection as 2015 National
   35  Principal of the Year by the National Association of Secondary
   36  School Principals is a tribute to her leadership and to her
   37  heartfelt belief that each student in the United States should
   38  be provided access to high-quality education, NOW, THEREFORE,
   40  Be It Resolved by the Senate of the State of Florida:
   42         That we honor and recognize West Port High School Principal
   43  Jayne Ellspermann and celebrate her selection by the National
   44  Association of Secondary School Principals as the 2015 National
   45  Principal of the Year.