Florida Senate - 2019                                     SB 912
       By Senator Powell
       30-01546-19                                            2019912__
    1                        A bill to be entitled                      
    2         An act relating to the Florida Complete Count
    3         Committee; creating the committee adjunct to the
    4         Department of State for specified purposes; specifying
    5         the membership of the committee; providing for the
    6         appointment of members and filling of vacancies;
    7         prescribing duties of the committee and the
    8         department; requiring each state agency to designate a
    9         census coordinator; defining the term “state agency”;
   10         prescribing reporting requirements; providing for
   11         expiration of the act; providing an effective date.
   13  Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:
   15         Section 1. (1) The Florida Complete Count Committee, a
   16  committee as defined in s. 20.03(8), Florida Statutes, is
   17  created adjunct to the Department of State for the express
   18  purpose of developing, recommending, and assisting in the
   19  administration of a census outreach strategy to encourage the
   20  full participation of this state’s residents in the 2020 federal
   21  decennial census of population required by 13 U.S.C. s. 141.
   22  Except as otherwise provided in this section, the committee
   23  shall operate in a manner consistent with s. 20.052, Florida
   24  Statutes.
   25         (2) The committee is composed of the following members:
   26         (a) The President of the Senate, or his or her designee.
   27         (b) The Speaker of the House of Representatives, or his or
   28  her designee.
   29         (c) The Minority Leader of the Senate, or his or her
   30  designee.
   31         (d) The Minority Leader of the House of Representatives, or
   32  his or her designee.
   33         (e) One representative each from the following
   34  organizations:
   35         1. The Florida League of Cities.
   36         2. The Florida League of Mayors.
   37         3. The Florida Association of Counties.
   38         4. The Florida Association of District School
   39  Superintendents.
   40         5. Leadership Florida.
   41         (f) A designee of the Governor.
   42         (g) The Secretary of State.
   43         (h) A representative of Florida’s Local Update of Census
   44  Addresses effort.
   45         (i) One representative each from four different
   46  organizations representing the interests of minorities in this
   47  state, appointed by the Secretary of State.
   48         (j) One representative appointed from three different
   49  organizations representing the interests of businesses in this
   50  state, nominated by their organizations.
   51         (k) Three representatives of faith-based organizations,
   52  appointed by the Governor.
   53         (l) Two representatives of Native American communities,
   54  appointed by the Governor.
   55         (3) Members of the committee must be appointed by August 1,
   56  2019, and may meet as often as it deems necessary in order to
   57  fulfill its duties and responsibilities provided under this
   58  section. Members of the committee shall serve at the pleasure of
   59  their respective appointing authority and any vacancies must be
   60  filled in the same manner as the initial appointment. Members of
   61  the committee shall designate a chair and a vice chair from
   62  among its membership.
   63         (4) In developing a recommended census outreach strategy,
   64  the committee shall consider, but is not limited to, the
   65  following:
   66         (a) State agency initiatives to encourage participation in
   67  the 2020 Census.
   68         (b) The establishment and support of school-based outreach
   69  programs.
   70         (c) Partnerships with nonprofit community-based
   71  organizations.
   72         (d) A multilingual and multimedia campaign designed to
   73  ensure an accurate and complete count of the state’s population.
   74         (5) To assist in carrying out its duties, the committee may
   75  establish, and appoint to from among its membership,
   76  subcommittees as it deems appropriate, and may solicit
   77  participation from relevant experts and practitioners involved
   78  in census issues.
   79         (6)(a) The Department of State shall review the committee’s
   80  recommendations on a census outreach strategy. Following such
   81  review, the department shall coordinate the implementation and
   82  administration of any adopted outreach strategy. The department
   83  shall provide administrative support to the committee and
   84  coordinate with all state agencies and constitutional officers,
   85  as well as units of local government, to identify effective
   86  methods of outreach to the state’s residents and to provide
   87  resources to ensure the success of the outreach program and that
   88  all of the state’s residents are counted.
   89         (b) Each state agency shall designate a census coordinator
   90  who shall cooperate and provide support to the committee as
   91  needed. Each state agency shall inform the department of its
   92  designated census coordinator.
   93         (c) For purposes of this subsection, the term “state
   94  agency” means any agency or department under the jurisdiction of
   95  the Governor, a Cabinet officer, or the Governor and Cabinet.
   96  Any other entities of state government, including the
   97  legislative and judicial branches, and units of local government
   98  shall cooperate and provide assistance or information to the
   99  committee, upon request.
  100         (7) The committee shall submit a report to the Governor,
  101  the President of the Senate, and the Speaker of the House of
  102  Representatives by December 1, 2019, which contains its
  103  recommendations for a census outreach strategy with the
  104  objective of encouraging full participation and avoiding an
  105  undercount in the 2020 Census. Thereafter, the committee shall
  106  submit a final report to the Governor, the President of the
  107  Senate, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives by
  108  August 31, 2021, which details the results of the census
  109  outreach strategy.
  110         (8) This section expires September 30, 2021.
  111         Section 2. This act shall take effect July 1, 2019.