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The Florida Senate

2004 Florida Statutes

Section 400.418, Florida Statutes 2004

400.418  Disposition of fees and administrative fines.--

(1)  Income from license fees, inspection fees, late fees, and administrative fines generated pursuant to ss. 400.407, 400.408, 400.417, 400.419, and 400.431 shall be deposited in the Health Care Trust Fund administered by the agency. Such funds shall be directed to and used by the agency for the following purposes:

(a)  Up to 50 percent of the trust funds accrued each fiscal year under this part may be used to offset the expenses of receivership, pursuant to s. 400.422, if the court determines that the income and assets of the facility are insufficient to provide for adequate management and operation.

(b)  An amount of $5,000 of the trust funds accrued each year under this part shall be allocated to pay for inspection-related physical and mental health examinations requested by the agency pursuant to s. 400.426 for residents who are either recipients of supplemental security income or have monthly incomes not in excess of the maximum combined federal and state cash subsidies available to supplemental security income recipients, as provided for in s. 409.212 Such funds shall only be used where the resident is ineligible for Medicaid.

(c)  Any trust funds accrued each year under this part and not used for the purposes specified in paragraphs (a) and (b) shall be used to offset the costs of the licensure program, including the costs of conducting background investigations, verifying information submitted, defraying the costs of processing the names of applicants, and conducting inspections and monitoring visits pursuant to this part.

(2)  Income from fees generated pursuant to s. 400.441(5) shall be deposited in the Health Care Trust Fund and used to offset the costs of printing and postage.

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