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2006 Florida Statutes

Enforcement of Child Labor Law.
Section 450.121, Florida Statutes 2006

450.121  Enforcement of Child Labor Law.--

(1)  The department shall administer this chapter. It shall employ such help as is necessary to effectuate the purposes of this chapter. Other agencies of the state may cooperate with the department in the administration and enforcement of this part. To accomplish this joint, cooperative effort, the department may enter into intergovernmental agreements with other agencies of the state whereby the other agencies may assist the department in the administration and enforcement of this part. Any action taken by an agency pursuant to an intergovernmental agreement entered into pursuant to this section shall be considered to have been taken by the department.

(2)  It is the duty of the department and its agents and all sheriffs or other law enforcement officers of the state or of any municipality of the state to enforce the provisions of this law, to make complaints against persons violating its provisions, and to prosecute violations of the same. The department and its agents have authority to enter and inspect at any time any place or establishment covered by this law and to have access to age certificates kept on file by the employer and such other records as may aid in the enforcement of this law. A designated school representative acting in accordance with s. 1003.26 shall report to the department all violations of the Child Labor Law that may come to his or her knowledge.

(3)  It is the duty of any trial court judge of any court in the state to issue warrants and try cases made within the limit of any city over which such trial court judge has jurisdiction in connection with the violation of this law.

(4)  Grand juries shall have inquisitorial powers to investigate violations of this chapter; also, trial court judges shall specially charge the grand jury, at the beginning of each term of the court, to investigate violations of this chapter.

(5)  The department may adopt rules:

(a)  Defining words, phrases, or terms used in the child labor rule or in this part, as long as the word, phrase, or term is not a word, phrase, or term defined in s. 450.012

(b)  Prescribing additional documents that may be used to prove the age of a minor and the procedure to be followed before a person who claims his or her disability of nonage has been removed by a court of competent jurisdiction may be employed.

(c)  Requiring certain safety equipment and a safe workplace environment for employees who are minors.

(d)  Prescribing the deadlines applicable to a response to a request for records under subsection (2).

(e)  Providing an official address from which child labor forms, rules, laws, and posters may be requested and prescribing the forms to be used in connection with this part.

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