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The Florida Senate

2006 Florida Statutes

Section 475.813, Florida Statutes 2006

475.813  Subordination of lien.--

(1)  Nothing contained in this part precludes a broker from agreeing to subordinate a lien claimed by the broker under this part in favor of the holder of any mortgage or other lien against the owner's interest in the commercial real estate that is subject to the broker's lien.

(2)  With or without the consent of the broker, the owner may subordinate a lien claimed by the broker for an automatic renewal commission in favor of the holder of a subsequent mortgage encumbering the owner's interest in the commercial real estate. The subordination instrument described in this subsection shall be made in writing and shall be recorded by the owner in the public records of the same county where the broker's lien notice was recorded.

(3)  A broker's lien notice recorded against commercial real estate under this part is subordinate to any mortgage that has at any time secured any purchase money indebtedness, provided that the mortgage is made by the owner of the commercial real estate in favor of a person unrelated to the owner. This subordination provision affects only the relative priority of the broker's lien notice and the mortgage with respect to each other, and this provision does not affect their relative priority with respect to any other mortgage, lien, encumbrance, or other matter affecting the title to the commercial real estate.

History.--s. 2, ch. 2005-275.