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The Florida Senate

2006 Florida Statutes

Section 551.121, Florida Statutes 2006

551.121  Prohibited activities and devices.--

(1)  Complimentary or reduced-cost alcoholic beverages may not be served to persons playing a slot machine. Alcoholic beverages served to persons playing a slot machine shall cost at least the same amount as alcoholic beverages served to the general public at a bar within the facility.

(2)  A slot machine licensee may not make any loan, provide credit, or advance cash in order to enable a person to play a slot machine. This subsection shall not prohibit automated ticket redemption machines that dispense cash resulting from the redemption of tickets from being located in the designated slot machine gaming area of the slot machine licensee.

(3)  A slot machine licensee may not allow any automated teller machine or similar device designed to provide credit or dispense cash to be located within the facilities of the slot machine licensee.

(4)  A slot machine licensee may not accept or cash any personal, third-party, corporate, business, or government-issued check from any person.

(5)  A slot machine, or the computer operating system linking the slot machine, may not be linked by any means to any other slot machine or computer operating system of another slot machine licensee. A progressive system may not be used in conjunction with slot machines within or between licensed facilities.

(6)  A slot machine located within a licensed facility shall accept only tickets or paper currency or an electronic payment system for wagering and return or deliver payouts to the player in the form of tickets that may be exchanged for cash, merchandise, or other items of value. The use of coins, credit or debit cards, tokens, or similar objects is specifically prohibited. However, an electronic credit system may be used for receiving wagers and making payouts.

History.--s. 1, ch. 2005-362.