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2007 Florida Statutes

Section 409.145, Florida Statutes 2007

409.145  Care of children.--

(1)  The department shall conduct, supervise, and administer a program for dependent children and their families. The services of the department are to be directed toward the following goals:

(a)  The prevention of separation of children from their families.

(b)  The reunification of families who have had children placed in foster homes or institutions.

(c)  The permanent placement of children who cannot be reunited with their families or when reunification would not be in the best interest of the child.

(d)  The protection of dependent children or children alleged to be dependent, including provision of emergency and long-term alternate living arrangements.

(e)  The transition to self-sufficiency for older children who continue to be in foster care as adolescents.

(2)  The following dependent children shall be subject to the protection, care, guidance, and supervision of the department or any duly licensed public or private agency:

(a)  Any child who has been temporarily or permanently taken from the custody of the parents, custodians, or guardians in accordance with those provisions in chapter 39 that relate to dependent children.

(b)  Any child who is in need of the protective supervision of the department as determined by intake or by the court in accordance with those provisions of chapter 39 that relate to dependent children.

(c)  Any child who is voluntarily placed, with the written consent of the parents or guardians, in the department's foster care program or the foster care program of a licensed private agency.

(3)  The circuit courts exercising juvenile jurisdiction in the various counties of this state shall cooperate with the department and its employees in carrying out the purposes and intent of this chapter.

(4)  The department is authorized to accept children on a permanent placement basis by order of a court of competent jurisdiction for the single purpose of adoption placement of these children. The department is authorized to provide the necessary services to place these children ordered to the department on a permanent placement basis for adoption.

(5)  Any funds appropriated by counties for child welfare services may be matched by state and federal funds, such funds to be utilized by the department for the benefit of children in those counties.

(6)  Whenever any child is placed under the protection, care, and guidance of the department or a duly licensed public or private agency, or as soon thereafter as is practicable, the department or agency, as the case may be, shall endeavor to obtain such information concerning the family medical history of the child and the natural parents as is available or readily obtainable. This information shall be kept on file by the department or agency for possible future use as provided in ss. 63.082 and 63.162 or as may be otherwise provided by law.

(7)  Whenever any child is placed by the department in a shelter home, foster home, or other residential placement, the department shall make available to the operator of the shelter home, foster home, other residential placement, or other caretaker as soon thereafter as is practicable, all relevant information concerning the child's demographic, social, and medical history.

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