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2007 Florida Statutes

Service integration and family preservation.
Section 409.152, Florida Statutes 2007

409.152  Service integration and family preservation.--

(1)  The Legislature intends to further the goal of family preservation through a family-centered services constellation. District goals and objectives must be consistent with this statewide policy.

(2)  As used in this section, the term:

(a)  "Family preservation service integration plan" means a plan that integrates the duties, responsibilities, and programs for meeting the needs of families and children in a manner designed to strengthen families before more intrusive services are required. The plan shall be designed to prevent family dissolution, reduce inappropriate and lengthy placement of children in out-of-home settings, and reduce dependency of a family on intrusive government programs and services.

(b)  "Family-centered services constellation" means a delivery system in which the needs of the child and family are at its core and which integrates services and programs offered by various program offices of the department, other departments of state government, units of local government, and public and private agencies.

(3)  Each service district of the department shall develop a family preservation service integration plan that identifies various programs that can be organized at the point of service delivery into a logical and cohesive family-centered services constellation. The plan shall include:

(a)  Goals and objectives for integrating services for families and avoiding barriers to service integration, procedures for centralized intake and assessment, a comprehensive service plan for each family, and an evaluation method of program outcome.

(b)  Recommendations for proposed changes to fiscal and substantive policies, regulations, and laws at local, district, and state delivery levels, including budget and personnel policies; purchasing flexibility and workforce incentives; discretionary resources; and incentives to reduce dependency on government programs and services.

(c)  Strategies for creating partnerships with the community, clients, and consumers of services which establish, maintain, and preserve family units.

(4)  Based on the district plans, the department shall develop a statewide family preservation integration plan.

(5)  In developing the state and district plans, the department shall encourage the participation of a broad spectrum of groups and individuals including clients and consumers.

(6)  On or before September 1, 1993, and annually thereafter, the department shall submit to the Governor, the President of the Senate, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and the appropriate substantive committees of the Senate and the House of Representatives a copy of the state and district plans described in this section.

History.--s. 9, ch. 92-58; ss. 62, 74, ch. 2000-139.