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The Florida Senate

2010 Florida Statutes

F.S. 501.913



Each brand of antifreeze to be distributed in this state shall be registered with the department prior to distribution. The person whose name appears on the label, the manufacturer, or the packager shall make application to the department on forms provided by the department no later than July 1 of each year. The registrant assumes, by application to register the brand, full responsibility for the quality and quantity of the product sold, offered, or exposed for sale in this state.


The completed application shall be accompanied by:


Specimens or facsimiles of the label for each brand of antifreeze;


An application fee of $200 for each brand; and


A properly labeled sample of each brand of antifreeze.


The department may analyze or inspect the antifreeze to ensure that it:


Meets the labeling claims;


Conforms to minimum standards required for antifreeze by this chapter or rules of the department; and


Is not adulterated as prescribed for antifreeze by this chapter.


If the registration requirements are met, and, if the antifreeze meets the minimum standards, is not adulterated, and meets the labeling claims, the department shall issue a certificate of registration authorizing the distribution of that antifreeze in the state for the permit year.


If registration requirements are not met, or, if the antifreeze fails to meet the minimum standards, is adulterated, or fails to meet the labeling claims, the department shall refuse to register the antifreeze.


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