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2012 Florida Statutes

Solid Waste Management Trust Fund; use of waste tire fees.
F.S. 403.709
403.709 Solid Waste Management Trust Fund; use of waste tire fees.There is created the Solid Waste Management Trust Fund, to be administered by the department.
(1) From the annual revenues deposited in the trust fund, unless otherwise specified in the General Appropriations Act:
(a) Up to 40 percent shall be used for funding solid waste activities of the department and other state agencies, such as providing technical assistance to local governments and the private sector, performing solid waste regulatory and enforcement functions, preparing solid waste documents, and implementing solid waste education programs.
(b) Up to 4.5 percent shall be used for funding research and training programs relating to solid waste management through the Center for Solid and Hazardous Waste Management and other organizations that can reasonably demonstrate the capability to carry out such projects.
(c) Up to 11 percent shall be used for funding to supplement any other funds provided to the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services for mosquito control. This distribution shall be annually transferred to the General Inspection Trust Fund in the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to be used for mosquito control, especially control of West Nile Virus.
(d) Up to 4.5 percent shall be used for funding to the Department of Transportation for litter prevention and control programs through a certified Keep America Beautiful Affiliate at the local level.
(e) A minimum of 40 percent shall be used for funding a solid waste management grant program pursuant to s. 403.7095 for activities relating to recycling and waste reduction, including waste tires requiring final disposal.
(2) The department shall recover to the use of the fund from the site owner or the person responsible for the accumulation of tires at the site, jointly and severally, all sums expended from the fund pursuant to this section to manage tires at an illegal waste tire site, except that the department may decline to pursue such recovery if it finds the amount involved too small or the likelihood of recovery too uncertain. If a court determines that the owner is unable or unwilling to comply with the rules adopted pursuant to this section or s. 403.717, the court may authorize the department to take possession and control of the waste tire site in order to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the community and the environment.
(3) The department may impose a lien on the real property on which the waste tire site is located and the waste tires equal to the estimated cost to bring the tire site into compliance, including attorney’s fees and court costs. Any owner whose property has such a lien imposed may release her or his property from any lien claimed under this subsection by filing with the clerk of the circuit court a cash or surety bond, payable to the department in the amount of the estimated cost of bringing the tire site into compliance with department rules, including attorney’s fees and court costs, or the value of the property after the abatement action is complete, whichever is less. A lien provided by this subsection may not continue for a period longer than 4 years after the abatement action is completed, unless within that period an action to enforce the lien is commenced in a court of competent jurisdiction. The department may take action to enforce the lien in the same manner used for construction liens under part I of chapter 713.
(4) This section does not limit the use of other remedies available to the department.
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