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2015 Florida Statutes

Prohibition against the unlicensed transaction of general lines insurance.
F.S. 626.7315
626.7315 Prohibition against the unlicensed transaction of general lines insurance.With respect to any line of authority as defined in s. 626.015(5), no individual shall, unless licensed as a general lines agent:
(1) Solicit insurance or procure applications therefor;
(2) In this state, receive or issue a receipt for any money on account of or for any insurer, or receive or issue a receipt for money from other persons to be transmitted to any insurer for a policy, contract, or certificate of insurance or any renewal thereof, even though the policy, certificate, or contract is not signed by him or her as agent or representative of the insurer, except as provided in s. 626.0428(1);
(3) Directly or indirectly represent himself or herself to be an agent of any insurer or as an agent, to collect or forward any insurance premium, or to solicit, negotiate, effect, procure, receive, deliver, or forward, directly or indirectly, any insurance contract or renewal thereof or any endorsement relating to an insurance contract, or attempt to effect the same, of property or insurable business activities or interests, located in this state;
(4) In this state, engage or hold himself or herself out as engaging in the business of analyzing or abstracting insurance policies or of counseling or advising or giving opinions, other than as a licensed attorney at law, relative to insurance or insurance contracts, for fee, commission, or other compensation, other than as a salaried bona fide full-time employee so counseling and advising his or her employer relative to the insurance interests of the employer and of the subsidiaries or business affiliates of the employer;
(5) In any way, directly or indirectly, make or cause to be made, or attempt to make or cause to be made, any contract of insurance for or on account of any insurer;
(6) Solicit, negotiate, or in any way, directly or indirectly, effect insurance contracts, if a member of a partnership or association, or a stockholder, officer, or agent of a corporation which holds an agency appointment from any insurer; or
(7) Receive or transmit applications for suretyship, or receive for delivery bonds founded on applications forwarded from this state, or otherwise procure suretyship to be effected by a surety insurer upon the bonds of persons in this state or upon bonds given to persons in this state.
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