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The Florida Senate

2018 Florida Statutes

F.S. 377.30
377.30 Limitation on amount of oil or gas taken.
(1) Whenever the total amount of oil or gas which all the pools in the state can produce exceeds the amount reasonably required to meet the reasonable market demand for oil or gas in this state, then the division shall limit the total amount of oil or gas which may be produced in the state by fixing an allowable for the state among the pools on a reasonable basis and in such a manner as to avoid undue discrimination, and so that waste will be prevented. In allocating the allowable for the state, and in fixing allowable for pools producing oil or gas, the division shall take into account the producing conditions and other relevant facts with respect to such pools, including the separate needs for oil and gas and shall formulate rules setting forth standards or a program for the distribution of the allowable for the state, and shall distribute the allowable for the state in accordance with such standards or program, and where conditions in one pool or area are substantially similar to those in another pool or area, then the same standards or program shall be applied to such pools and areas so that as far as practicable a uniform program will be followed; provided, however, the division shall permit the production of a sufficient amount of natural gas from any pool to supply adequately the reasonable market demand for such gas for light and fuel purposes if such production can be obtained without waste; and provided, further, that if the amount allocated to a pool as its share of the allowable for the state is in excess of the amount which the pool should produce to prevent waste, then the division shall fix the allowable for the pool so that waste will be prevented.
(2) Whenever the division limits the total amount of oil or gas which may be produced in any pool in this state to an amount less than that amount which the pool could produce if no restriction were imposed, which limitation may be imposed either incidentally to, or without, a limitation of the total amount of oil or gas which may be produced in the state, the division shall prorate or distribute the allowable production among the producers in the pool on a reasonable basis so as to prevent or minimize reasonably avoidable drainage from each developed unit which is not equalized by counterdrainage, and so that each producer will have the opportunity to produce or receive his or her just and equitable share, as above set forth, subject to the reasonable requirement for the prevention of waste.
(3) After the effective date of any rule, regulation or order of the division fixing the allowable production of oil or gas, or both, for any pool, no person shall produce from any well, lease or property more than the allowable production which is applicable, nor shall such amount be produced in a different manner than that which may be authorized.
(4) This section does not apply to nonnative gas recovered from a permitted natural gas storage facility.
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