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Senator Bracy, District 11 — Press Release


March 10, 2020

CONTACT: Alex Redkin, (850)487-5011,
Charlean Gatlin, (850)487-5011

Senator Randolph Bracy Launches Podcast Series on Race & Politics

Tallahassee, FL —

State Senator Randolph Bracy (D-Ocoee) has launched an original podcast series, The Culture, dedicated to exploring current and historical topics at the intersection of race and politics. Senator Bracy describes The Culture in the following way: “it touches upon the tumultuous racial dynamics of the past to thoroughly examine existing reverberations of racial inequity—from ongoing natural hair discrimination, to youth arrests and much more.”

Senator Bracy wastes no time diving into the turbulence of the central theme, with the premier episode chronicling the racial violence that took place during the Ocoee Massacre. This gruesome Election Day story is one of the bloodiest in American political history, and it sets the stage for the unapologetically candid conversations that will follow in subsequent episodes.

In parts of the series, listeners are transported to what seems like an unfathomably distant past—like the year Dr. Bracy integrated Gainesville High School and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 encouraged African Americans to seek elected office. With just as much flair and authenticity, The Culture reflects upon the starkly contrasting present day; a present in which Dr. Bracy has recently published an inspiring children’s book—A Brave Little Cookie—about her experience with integration. At the same time, the series reminds its listeners how much remains to be done to improve race relations in the future, whether through increasing public awareness of racial disparities or the enactment of equitable public policy reforms. The Culture drives home a palpable continuity between the past, present, and future of American civil rights and political discourse, in a manner that is wholly engaging, entertaining, and illuminating. 

Senator Bracy noted: “I am humbled by the opportunity to utilize this platform to engage a broad range of perspectives and ideas about racial justice and identity in America.” The Culture is now available for streaming on the iTunes podcast app, YouTube, and other digital platforms.