(LATE FILED)Amendment
Bill No. 1877
Amendment No. 274823
Senate House

1Representative Dean offered the following:
3     Amendment to Amendment (708283)
4     Remove lines 670-682 and insert:
6     (2)  To facilitate the information available to the court
7at first appearance hearings and at all subsequent hearings for
8these high-risk sex offenders, the department shall, no later
9than March 1, 2006, post on the Florida Department of Law
10Enforcement's Criminal Justice Intranet a cumulative chronology
11of the sex offender's prior terms of state probation and
12community control, including all substantive or technical
13violations of state probation or community control. The
14sheriff's office in the county where the arrested person is
15booked shall insure that state and national criminal history
16information and all criminal justice information available in
17the Florida Crime Information Center and the National Crime
18Information Center is provided to the court at the time of first
19appearance. The courts shall assist the department's
20dissemination of critical information by creating and
21maintaining an automated system to provide the information as
22specified in this subsection and by providing the necessary
23technology in the courtroom to deliver the information.

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