Florida Senate - 2005                      COMMITTEE AMENDMENT
    Bill No. SB 240
                        Barcode 100816
                            CHAMBER ACTION
              Senate                               House
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 4  ______________________________________________________________
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11  The Committee on Health Care (Pruitt) recommended the
12  following amendment:
14         Senate Amendment (with title amendment) 
15         Delete everything after the enacting clause
17  and insert:  
18         Section 1.  Paragraph (d) of subsection (2) of section
19  400.23, Florida Statutes, is amended to read:
20         400.23  Rules; evaluation and deficiencies; licensure
21  status.--
22         (2)  Pursuant to the intention of the Legislature, the
23  agency, in consultation with the Department of Health and the
24  Department of Elderly Affairs, shall adopt and enforce rules
25  to implement this part, which shall include reasonable and
26  fair criteria in relation to:
27         (d)  The equipment essential to the health and welfare
28  of the residents. This equipment must include an onsite
29  emergency electrical system that is designed to provide the
30  resident-occupied areas of the facility with sufficient
31  electrical power to keep the facility within normal
    10:40 AM   01/11/05                            s0240c-he28-j01

Florida Senate - 2005 COMMITTEE AMENDMENT Bill No. SB 240 Barcode 100816 1 operational parameters for up to 72 hours when normal 2 electrical service has been interrupted. The design, 3 installation, and maintenance of the emergency electrical 4 equipment must be in compliance with the Florida Building Code 5 for nursing homes. Each nursing home licensed before July 1, 6 2005, must be in compliance with the requirements of this 7 paragraph by July 1, 2006. 8 Section 2. Companies that supply electrical power 9 shall restore power to nursing home facilities as 10 expeditiously as possible following a hurricane or other 11 disaster that results in loss of power. If power is not 12 restored in a timely manner, nursing homes shall be given 13 priority over other facilities for generators provided by the 14 state. The Division of Emergency Management and each affected 15 county shall designate a local representative for nursing 16 homes who shall serve as a liaison to nursing home facilities 17 in the area affected by the hurricane or other disaster and 18 monitor the status of residents in those facilities. If a 19 nursing home facility has high-acuity residents who are 20 dependent on electric-assistive devices or if the health and 21 safety of the residents are threatened because of the lack of 22 electrical power, the nursing home representative shall 23 recommend to the local emergency operations center that the 24 nursing home receive priority over other facilities for power 25 restoration or generator power. 26 Section 3. If federal disaster funds are available to 27 the state for purchasing generators, the state shall use the 28 funds to purchase generators that can be loaned to nursing 29 homes that lose electrical power during a hurricane or other 30 disaster. 31 Section 4. The Medicaid rate for providers shall be 2 10:40 AM 01/11/05 s0240c-he28-j01
Florida Senate - 2005 COMMITTEE AMENDMENT Bill No. SB 240 Barcode 100816 1 adjusted in order to allow reimbursement over a 5-year period 2 for the Medicaid portion of the costs incurred to meet the 3 requirements for emergency generators provided in section 4 400.23(2)(d), Florida Statutes. 5 Section 5. This act shall take effect July 1, 2005. 6 7 8 ================ T I T L E A M E N D M E N T =============== 9 And the title is amended as follows: 10 Delete everything before the enacting clause 11 12 and insert: 13 A bill to be entitled 14 An act relating to emergency electrical service 15 in nursing home facilities; amending s. 400.23, 16 F.S.; requiring that each nursing home have an 17 emergency electrical system that is capable of 18 providing electrical service for a specified 19 period during an interruption of the normal 20 electrical supply; providing requirements for 21 priority in restoring electrical power to 22 nursing homes; requiring that the state use 23 federal disaster funds to purchase generators 24 for use by nursing homes if such funds are 25 available; requiring an adjustment of the 26 Medicaid rate for the purpose of reimbursing 27 nursing homes for the cost of acquiring 28 emergency generators; providing an effective 29 date. 30 31 3 10:40 AM 01/11/05 s0240c-he28-j01