Senate Bill sb0628

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    Florida Senate - 2005        (NP)                       SR 628

    By Senator Fasano


  1                    Senate Resolution No. ____

  2         A resolution recognizing the career

  3         accomplishments of Dr. Robert W. (Bob) Judson,

  4         Jr.


  6         WHEREAS, Dr. Robert W. (Bob) Judson, Jr., has spent 33

  7  distinguished years at Pasco-Hernando Community College and is

  8  the last of the original employees who began on July 1, 1972,

  9  and

10         WHEREAS, Bob Judson has performed admirably in a

11  variety of positions at Pasco-Hernando Community College

12  culminating in his serving as the college's second president,

13  beginning on July 1, 1994, and

14         WHEREAS, the college has grown according to the vision

15  of Bob Judson, has thrived under this leadership, and today

16  offers excellent instruction in both credit and noncredit

17  programs at three campuses and a center and via

18  distance-learning programs that serve the residents of Pasco

19  and Hernando counties, and

20         WHEREAS, Bob Judson has inspired college faculty,

21  staff, and administrators who have supported and implemented

22  his vision of a comprehensive educational experience for

23  students, including access to student activities, cultural

24  events, and state-of-the-art technological and academic

25  experiences, and

26         WHEREAS, Bob Judson has fostered strong ties among

27  business and industry to meet the area's economic development

28  needs, especially in the area of trained health care workers,

29  and




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    Florida Senate - 2005        (NP)                       SR 628

 1         WHEREAS, Bob Judson has advocated loudly and strongly

 2  for the value and the needs of Florida's Community College

 3  System and of Pasco-Hernando Community College, and

 4         WHEREAS, Bob Judson has been a role model for other

 5  college presidents and has spoken tirelessly about the

 6  positive impact that education has in breaking cycles of

 7  poverty and unemployment, and

 8         WHEREAS, Bob Judson retired January 31, 2005, which

 9  marked the end of 33 years of tireless service to the college

10  and to the thousands of students who have attended

11  Pasco-Hernando Community College, NOW, THEREFORE,


13  Be It Resolved by the Senate of the State of Florida:


15         That Dr. Bob Judson is commended for his many years of

16  outstanding leadership and service to Pasco-Hernando Community

17  College and to the residents of Pasco and Hernando counties.

18         BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this resolution,

19  with the Seal of the Senate affixed, be presented to Dr.

20  Judson as a tangible token of the esteem of the Florida

21  Senate.












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