Senate Bill sb0754

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    Florida Senate - 2005        (NP)                       SR 754

    By Senator Klein


  1                    Senate Resolution No. ____

  2         A resolution recognizing the 25th Anniversary

  3         of the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach

  4         County, the 20th Anniversary of their Jewish

  5         Community Foundation, and the bar mitzvah year

  6         of the Richard and Carole Siemens Campus.


  8         WHEREAS, the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach

  9  County and the Jewish Community Foundation this year celebrate

10  their 25th and 20th Anniversaries, respectively, and

11         WHEREAS, beginning humbly in Boca Raton as a small

12  satellite office of the West Palm Beach-based Jewish

13  Federation of Palm Beach County, the Jewish Federation has

14  become one of the most active and prominent in the country and

15  grown from a membership of 37,000 people in 1980 to more than

16  130,000 today, and

17         WHEREAS, this vigorous development was spearheaded by

18  James Baer, who recognized the need for a separate federation

19  in Palm Beach County, and by Roy Flack, Stanley Katz, and

20  Richard Siemens, who donated land for a federation site west

21  of Boca Raton, and

22         WHEREAS, the Federation's vibrant Richard and Carole

23  Siemens Campus, built on that land, is celebrating its bar

24  mitzvah year with improvements to its facilities and its

25  security, and the Jewish Federation has also expanded to both

26  the North Campus and the Weinberg Center in Delray Beach, and

27         WHEREAS, through the vigorous work of its lay

28  leadership and its dedicated professionals, and with the

29  generous support of its membership, the Jewish Federation of

30  South Palm Beach County has accomplished great things over the



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    Florida Senate - 2005        (NP)                       SR 754

 1  past quarter century in working toward its primary goal -- to

 2  make life better for Jews no matter where they live, and

 3         WHEREAS, the Jewish Federation has raised hundreds of

 4  millions of dollars to rescue, educate, and comfort needy Jews

 5  in our state and region and in dozens of countries around the

 6  world, and has joined its efforts with, and continues to

 7  support, the Ruth Rales Jewish Family Center, the Donna Klein

 8  Jewish Academy, the Adolph and Rose Levis Jewish Community

 9  Center, the Jewish Association for Residential Care, and other

10  local, national, and international social service agencies and

11  educational institutions, and

12         WHEREAS, the Jewish Federation and its Foundation have

13  fulfilled the promises of their motto -- "Honoring our roots.

14  Living our values. Strengthening our future." -- and continue

15  to provide a shining example of community spirit and humane

16  and enlightened social action, NOW, THEREFORE,


18  Be It Resolved by the Senate of the State of Florida:


20         That the Senate recognizes and commends the

21  community-building and human welfare accomplishments of the

22  Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County and the Jewish

23  Community Foundation on their 25th and 20th Anniversaries,

24  respectively, and also recognizes the bar mitzvah year of the

25  Richard and Carole Siemens Campus and its expansion and

26  development as landmarks of the vision and commitment of these

27  exemplary organizations.






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