(LATE FILED)Amendment
Bill No. 0759
Amendment No. 356481
Senate House

1Representative(s) Williams offered the following:
3     Amendment
4     Remove lines 142 through 152, and insert:
5bonding provision set forth in 30 C.F.R. s. 800.23.
7The form and content of all financial responsibility mechanisms
8shall be approved by the department. When utilizing an
9irrevocable letter of credit, performance bond, or guarantee
10bond, all payments made thereunder shall be deposited into a
11stand-by trust fund established contemporaneously with the
12posting of the financial assurance instrument. All trust fund
13agreements and stand-by trust fund agreements shall provide that
14distributions therefrom will be made only at the request of the
15department and that the trustees of such funds shall be either a
16national banking institution or a state-regulated trust company.

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