HR 9025

House Resolution
2A resolution recognizing March 15, 2005, as "St. Johns
3County Day" in Tallahassee.
5     WHEREAS, on September 8, 1565, Don Pedro Menendez de Aviles
6founded St. Augustine, the oldest continuously occupied European
7settlement in the United States, and
8     WHEREAS, St. Johns County is the site for Fort Mose,
9established by Spaniards and former African slaves in 1738, the
10first free black fort and settlement in North America, and
11     WHEREAS, on July 21, 1821, St. Johns County, named for the
12St. Johns River, became one of Florida's two counties by
13ordinance proclaimed by Major General Andrew Jackson, and
14     WHEREAS, St. Johns County encompasses 609 square miles,
15from the many miles of beautiful beaches to the scenic Bartram
16Trail Highway that runs along the St. Johns River, and
17     WHEREAS, St. Johns County is a popular tourist destination,
18hosting more than 2 million visitors each year to the historic
19City of St. Augustine, to St. Augustine Beach, and to other
20communities throughout the county, and
21     WHEREAS, St. Johns County is one of the nation's most
22recognized golf destinations and is home to the World Golf Hall
23of Fame; THE PLAYERS CHAMPIONSHIP, which is an internationally
24recognized golf event; and the national headquarters for the PGA
25Tour, and
26     WHEREAS, St. Johns County is also home to the Association
27of Tennis Players Tour, headquartered in Ponte Vedra Beach, and
28     WHEREAS, agriculture is a critical component of the economy
29of St. Johns County, with its 204 farms on 37,653 agricultural
30acres comprising more than 10 percent of all the lands in the
31county and producing more than $59 million in revenue annually,
33     WHEREAS, the Legislature recognizes St. Johns County for
34its rich history and cultural diversity, NOW, THEREFORE,
36Be It Resolved by the House of Representatives of the State of
39     That March 15, 2005, be recognized as "St. Johns County
40Day" in Tallahassee.

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