Bill No. 1007
Amendment No. 734247
Senate House

1Representative Proctor offered the following:
3     Amendment
4     Between lines 12 and 13 insert:
5     WHEREAS, the Legislature recognizes the tremendous
6contributions of the Florida National Guard in their service to
7our country and the protection of our freedoms, and
8     WHEREAS, in addition to their overseas and regular military
9service, the Florida National Guard has been a steadfast force
10of stability and assistance for Florida's residents in every
11natural disaster, and
12     WHEREAS, leaving behind their families, civilian
13employment, and businesses during times of crisis when the needs
14and resources of all Floridians were greatly tested, these
15citizen-soldiers have been at the forefront of statewide
16emergency and rescue efforts, volunteering their tireless
17response to floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, and severe storms,
19     WHEREAS, when at home, the honorable men and women serving
20our state should be encouraged to relax and spend time with
21their families and to enjoy their well-deserved respite from
22their many commitments and duties, and
23     WHEREAS, with the intent of showing our great pride and
24respect for the men and women of our National Guard and to
25return some token of our debt to these heroes, NOW, THEREFORE,

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