Senate Bill sb2818

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    Florida Senate - 2006        (NP)                      SR 2818

    By Senator Lynn


  1                        Senate Resolution

  2         A resolution honoring the memory of K-9 Officer

  3         Roy Lundell Nelson, Jr.


  5         WHEREAS, Roy Lundell Nelson, Jr., born May 29, 1969, in

  6  Bartow, Florida, the son of Roy, Sr., and Susan Nelson,

  7  graduated from Lakeland Senior High School in 1988,

  8  subsequently attended Polk Community College and Hillsborough

  9  Community Fire Academy, and in 1993 began his public service

10  career as a part-time firefighter with the Polk County Fire

11  Department, and

12         WHEREAS, spurred by a long-time desire to enter law

13  enforcement, Roy soon enrolled in the Southwest Florida

14  Criminal Justice Academy in Fort Myers, became a certified

15  police officer, and in 1998 joined the New Smyrna Beach Police

16  Department, where, exhibiting a keen interest in narcotics

17  law, he was assigned in 2003 to the K-9 unit and partnered

18  with K-9 Ceasar, a one-year-old Belgian Malinois, while also

19  serving on the department's Special Response Team and its Bike

20  Patrol, and

21         WHEREAS, Officer Nelson died in the line of duty on

22  August 13, 2005, a superb example of one of "America's

23  finest," as attested to by the many letters of appreciation

24  received from the community over the years, by his service

25  commendations within the department, and by the recounting by

26  colleagues and citizens of his many acts of kindness,

27  dedication to duty, and heroism, and

28         WHEREAS, Officer Nelson is fondly remembered as a real

29  hero by one New Smyrna Beach couple who wrote of how he

30  dismantled an automobile engine in order to free two kittens

31  trapped inside; he was chosen as a member of the presidential


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    Florida Senate - 2006        (NP)                      SR 2818

 1  detail when President George W. Bush visited the city in 2002;

 2  in 2003 he arrested Michael Thomas Seibert, one of "America's

 3  Most Wanted"; and, most recently, as one of the officers who

 4  rescued a local disabled person who had fallen from his

 5  wheelchair into the water while fishing, he remained with the

 6  man until Emergency Volunteer Air Corps personnel arrived, and

 7         WHEREAS, Officer Nelson is survived by his wife, Angie

 8  Nelson; two daughters, Samantha Steinmetz and Sabrina Nelson;

 9  his parents, Roy, Sr., and Susan Nelson; a brother, Robert

10  Nelson; and a sister, Patricia Andress, NOW, THEREFORE,


12  Be It Resolved by the Senate of the State of Florida:


14         That the Senate honors the memory of K-9 Officer Roy

15  Lundell Nelson, Jr., and extends its heartfelt sympathy to his

16  wife, Angie, their children, and his other family members.

17         BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this resolution

18  be presented to Angie Nelson as a tangible token of the

19  sentiments of the Florida Senate.














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