Senate Bill sb0284

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    Florida Senate - 2006        (Corrected Copy)           SB 284

    By Senator Margolis


  1                      A bill to be entitled

  2         An act relating to rights of parents and

  3         students relating to certain information;

  4         amending s. 1002.22, F.S.; requiring public

  5         schools to notify a student's parents when

  6         prospective employers visit campus or request

  7         contact information for the student; providing

  8         penalties; providing an effective date.


10  Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:


12         Section 1.  Subsection (4) of section 1002.22, Florida

13  Statutes, is amended, and subsection (5) of that section is

14  reenacted, to read:

15         1002.22  Student records and reports; rights of parents

16  and students; notification; penalty.--

17         (4)  NOTIFICATION.--

18         (a)  Every parent and student entitled to rights

19  relating to student records and reports under the provisions

20  of subsection (3) shall be notified annually, in writing, of

21  such rights and that the institution has a policy of

22  supporting the law; the types of information and data

23  generally entered in the student records as maintained by the

24  institution; and the procedures to be followed in order to

25  exercise such rights. The notification shall be general in

26  form and in a manner to be determined by the State Board of

27  Education and may be incorporated with other printed materials

28  distributed to students, such as being printed on the back of

29  school assignment forms or report cards for students attending

30  kindergarten or grades 1 through 12 in the public school

31  system and being printed in college catalogs or in other


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    Florida Senate - 2006        (Corrected Copy)           SB 284

 1  program announcement bulletins for students attending

 2  postsecondary educational institutions.

 3         (b)  A public school must notify in writing the parents

 4  of a student in grade 12 or under each time a recruiter for a

 5  prospective employer or for a branch of the United States

 6  Armed Forces:

 7         1.  Will be present on the campus where the student is

 8  enrolled for the purpose of recruiting students; or

 9         2.  Requests information that would enable the

10  recruiter to contact the student.

11         (5)  PENALTY.--In the event that any public school

12  official or employee, district school board official or

13  employee, career center official or employee, or public

14  postsecondary educational institution official or employee

15  refuses to comply with any of the provisions of this section,

16  the aggrieved parent or student shall have an immediate right

17  to bring an action in the circuit court to enforce the

18  violated right by injunction. Any aggrieved parent or student

19  who brings such an action and whose rights are vindicated may

20  be awarded attorney's fees and court costs.

21         Section 2.  This act shall take effect July 1, 2006.


23            *****************************************

24                          SENATE SUMMARY

25    Requires that a public school notify a student's parents
      when prospective employers or military recruiters visit
26    campus or request contact information for the student.







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