HB 751

A bill to be entitled
2An act relating to adult human and animal stem cell
3research; establishing the Florida Gulf Coast University
4Institute for Stem Cell Biology; providing the purpose of
5the institute; providing an appropriation; providing an
6effective date.
8     WHEREAS, an estimated 128 million Americans suffer from the
9crippling economic and psychological burden of chronic,
10degenerative, and acute diseases and conditions, including
11juvenile diabetes, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease,
12sickle cell disease, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease,
13spinal cord injuries, birth defects, osteoporosis, severe burn
14injuries, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and
15HIV/AIDS, and
16     WHEREAS, the costs of treatment and lost productivity as a
17result of these diseases and conditions in the United States
18constitute hundreds of billions of dollars every year, and
19     WHEREAS, human stem cell research is a key area of
20regenerative medicine which offers immense promise for
21developing new medical therapies and potential cures for these
22debilitating diseases and conditions and a critical means to
23explore fundamental questions of biology, and
24     WHEREAS, the United States has historically been a haven
25for open scientific inquiry and technological innovation, and
26this environment, combined with the commitment of public and
27private resources, has made this nation the preeminent world
28leader in biomedicine and biotechnology, and
29     WHEREAS, the biomedical industry is a critical and growing
30component of Florida's economy and would be significantly
31diminished by limitations imposed on human stem cell research,
33     WHEREAS, open scientific inquiry and publicly funded
34research will be essential to realizing the promise of stem cell
35research and maintaining this state's leadership in biomedicine
36and biotechnology, and
37     WHEREAS, publicly funded adult stem cell research,
38conducted under established standards of open scientific
39exchange, peer review, and public oversight, offers the most
40timely, efficacious, and responsible means of fulfilling the
41promise of stem cells to provide regenerative medical therapies
42and to accelerate the development of new diagnostic and
43prophylactic capabilities for the early detection of
44debilitating, incurable diseases, and
45     WHEREAS, stem cell research, including the use of embryonic
46stem cells for medical research, raises significant ethical and
47public policy concerns, and, although not unique, the ethical
48and policy concerns associated with stem cell research must be
49carefully considered, and
50     WHEREAS, in 2004, 30 states proposed 78 bills relating to
51stem cell research, and nine states enacted legislation to
52approve state funding of this research, and
53     WHEREAS, the State of Florida, with its rich legacy of
54world leadership in scientific research and discovery, is
55actively promoting the development of biotechnology because of
56its potentially great importance to the state's economy as well
57as the health of its residents, and
58     WHEREAS, the Legislature desires to foster research that
59will advance the state of medical and scientific knowledge,
60offer enormous potential to save human lives and treat
61debilitating, incurable diseases, and allow the State of Florida
62to have a significant role in the emerging biomedical technology
63field, to the benefit of all of its residents, NOW, THEREFORE,
65Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:
67     Section 1.  Florida Gulf Coast University Institute for
68Stem Cell Biology.--
69     (1)  There is established the Florida Gulf Coast University
70Institute for Stem Cell Biology under the supervision of the
71university president or his or her designee. The institute shall
72operate as a consortium of state universities. The consortium
73may include, but is not limited to, private universities, health
74care facilities, and governmental entities.
75     (2)  The purpose of the institute is to conduct stem cell
76research involving adult human stem cells, umbilical cord blood
77stem cells, or model animal stem cells that target the
78development of platform technologies and capabilities for novel
79therapies and diagnostics. The institute shall ensure the rapid
80and seamless transition of basic and applied research to
81clinical evaluation and commercialization.
82     Section 2.  The sum of $32 million is appropriated from the
83General Revenue Fund to the Florida Gulf Coast University to
84operate the Institute for Stem Cell Biology during the 2006-2007
85fiscal year and to plan, construct, and equip a facility for the
87     Section 3.  This act shall take effect July 1, 2006.

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