HB 1259

A bill to be entitled
2An act relating to education; amending s. 121.091, F.S.;
3increasing the period of time during which certain charter
4school instructional personnel may participate in the
5Florida Retirement System Deferred Retirement Option
6Program; extending such participation to certain school
7district prekindergarten instructional personnel; deleting
8an obsolete provision; amending s. 1002.33, F.S.; revising
9provisions relating to appeal of a charter school
10application denial; revising provisions relating to
11charter school renewal terms; revising provisions relating
12to a charter school's annual report; revising provisions
13relating to student eligibility to attend a charter
14school; providing requirements for distribution of funds
15to charter schools; providing priority to charter schools
16for the lease or purchase of public school property and
17facilities; requiring a sponsor to provide additional
18services relating to school lunches under the federal
19lunch program; amending s. 1003.03, F.S.; providing for
20calculation for compliance with class size maximums for
21certain schools and programs; amending s. 1011.71, F.S.,
22relating to district school tax; providing that use of
23capital improvement millage for district schools include
24charter schools; amending s. 1013.62, F.S.; authorizing
25additional uses for charter school capital outlay funds;
26providing an effective date.
28Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:
30     Section 1.  Paragraphs (a) and (b) of subsection (13) of
31section 121.091, Florida Statutes, are amended to read:
32     121.091  Benefits payable under the system.--Benefits may
33not be paid under this section unless the member has terminated
34employment as provided in s. 121.021(39)(a) or begun
35participation in the Deferred Retirement Option Program as
36provided in subsection (13), and a proper application has been
37filed in the manner prescribed by the department. The department
38may cancel an application for retirement benefits when the
39member or beneficiary fails to timely provide the information
40and documents required by this chapter and the department's
41rules. The department shall adopt rules establishing procedures
42for application for retirement benefits and for the cancellation
43of such application when the required information or documents
44are not received.
45     (13)  DEFERRED RETIREMENT OPTION PROGRAM.--In general, and
46subject to the provisions of this section, the Deferred
47Retirement Option Program, hereinafter referred to as the DROP,
48is a program under which an eligible member of the Florida
49Retirement System may elect to participate, deferring receipt of
50retirement benefits while continuing employment with his or her
51Florida Retirement System employer. The deferred monthly
52benefits shall accrue in the System Trust Fund on behalf of the
53participant, plus interest compounded monthly, for the specified
54period of the DROP participation, as provided in paragraph (c).
55Upon termination of employment, the participant shall receive
56the total DROP benefits and begin to receive the previously
57determined normal retirement benefits. Participation in the DROP
58does not guarantee employment for the specified period of DROP.
59Participation in the DROP by an eligible member beyond the
60initial 60-month period as authorized in this subsection shall
61be on an annual contractual basis for all participants.
62     (a)  Eligibility of member to participate in the DROP.--All
63active Florida Retirement System members in a regularly
64established position, and all active members of either the
65Teachers' Retirement System established in chapter 238 or the
66State and County Officers' and Employees' Retirement System
67established in chapter 122, which systems are consolidated
68within the Florida Retirement System under s. 121.011, are
69eligible to elect participation in the DROP if provided that:
70     1.  The member is not a renewed member of the Florida
71Retirement System under s. 121.122, or a member of the State
72Community College System Optional Retirement Program under s.
73121.051, the Senior Management Service Optional Annuity Program
74under s. 121.055, or the optional retirement program for the
75State University System under s. 121.35.
76     2.  Except as provided in subparagraph 6., election to
77participate is made within 12 months immediately following the
78date on which the member first reaches normal retirement date,
79or, for a member who reaches normal retirement date based on
80service before he or she reaches age 62, or age 55 for Special
81Risk Class members, election to participate may be deferred to
82the 12 months immediately following the date the member attains
8357, or age 52 for Special Risk Class members. For a member who
84first reached normal retirement date or the deferred eligibility
85date described above prior to the effective date of this
86section, election to participate shall be made within 12 months
87after the effective date of this section. A member who fails to
88make an election within the such 12-month limitation period
89shall forfeit all rights to participate in the DROP. The member
90shall advise his or her employer and the division in writing of
91the date on which the DROP shall begin. The Such beginning date
92may be subsequent to the 12-month election period, but must be
93within the 60-month or, with respect to members who are
94instructional personnel employed by the Florida School for the
95Deaf and the Blind and who have received authorization by the
96Board of Trustees of the Florida School for the Deaf and the
97Blind to participate in the DROP beyond 60 months, or who are
98instructional personnel as defined in s. 1012.01(2)(a)-(d) in
99grades K-12 and who have received authorization by the district
100school superintendent to participate in the DROP beyond 60
101months, the 96-month maximum participation limitation period as
102provided in subparagraph (b)1. When establishing eligibility of
103the member to participate in the DROP for the 60-month or, with
104respect to members who are instructional personnel employed by
105the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind and who have
106received authorization by the Board of Trustees of the Florida
107School for the Deaf and the Blind to participate in the DROP
108beyond 60 months, or who are instructional personnel as defined
109in s. 1012.01(2)(a)-(d) in grades K-12 and who have received
110authorization by the district school superintendent to
111participate in the DROP beyond 60 months, the 96-month maximum
112participation period, the member may elect to include or exclude
113any optional service credit purchased by the member from the
114total service used to establish the normal retirement date. A
115member with dual normal retirement dates is shall be eligible to
116elect to participate in DROP within 12 months after attaining
117normal retirement date in either class.
118     3.  The employer of a member electing to participate in the
119DROP, or employers if dually employed, shall acknowledge in
120writing to the division the date the member's participation in
121the DROP begins and the date the member's employment and DROP
122participation will terminate.
123     4.  Simultaneous employment of a participant by additional
124Florida Retirement System employers subsequent to the
125commencement of participation in the DROP is shall be
126permissible provided such employers acknowledge in writing a
127DROP termination date no later than the participant's existing
128termination date or the 60-month participation limitation period
129as provided in subparagraph (b)1.
130     5.  A DROP participant may change employers while
131participating in the DROP, subject to the following:
132     a.  A change of employment must take place without a break
133in service so that the member receives salary for each month of
134continuous DROP participation. If a member receives no salary
135during a month, DROP participation shall cease unless the
136employer verifies a continuation of the employment relationship
137for such participant pursuant to s. 121.021(39)(b).
138     b.  Such participant and new employer shall notify the
139division of the identity of the new employer on forms required
140by the division as to the identity of the new employer.
141     c.  The new employer shall acknowledge, in writing, the
142participant's DROP termination date, which may be extended but
143not beyond the original 60-month or, with respect to members who
144are instructional personnel employed by the Florida School for
145the Deaf and the Blind and who have received authorization by
146the Board of Trustees of the Florida School for the Deaf and the
147Blind to participate in the DROP beyond 60 months, or who are
148instructional personnel as defined in s. 1012.01(2)(a)-(d) in
149grades K-12 and who have received authorization by the district
150school superintendent to participate in the DROP beyond 60
151months, the 96-month maximum participation period provided in
152subparagraph (b)1., shall acknowledge liability for any
153additional retirement contributions and interest required if the
154participant fails to timely terminate employment, and shall be
155subject to the adjustment required in sub-subparagraph (c)5.d.
156     6.  Effective July 1, 2001, for instructional personnel as
157defined in s. 1012.01 s. 1012.01(2), election to participate in
158the DROP may shall be made at any time following the date on
159which the member first reaches normal retirement date. The
160member shall advise his or her employer and the division in
161writing of the date on which the DROP Deferred Retirement Option
162Program shall begin. When establishing eligibility of the member
163to participate in the DROP for the 60-month or, with respect to
164members who are instructional personnel employed by the Florida
165School for the Deaf and the Blind and who have received
166authorization by the Board of Trustees of the Florida School for
167the Deaf and the Blind to participate in the DROP beyond 60
168months, or who are instructional personnel as defined in s.
1691012.01(2)(a)-(d) in grades K-12 and who have received
170authorization by the district school superintendent to
171participate in the DROP beyond 60 months, the 96-month maximum
172participation period, as provided in subparagraph (b)1., the
173member may elect to include or exclude any optional service
174credit purchased by the member from the total service used to
175establish the normal retirement date. A member with dual normal
176retirement dates is shall be eligible to elect to participate in
177either class.
178     (b)  Participation in the DROP.--
179     1.  An eligible member may elect to participate in the DROP
180for a period not to exceed a maximum of 60 calendar months or,
181with respect to members who are instructional personnel employed
182by the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind and who have
183received authorization by the Board of Trustees of the Florida
184School for the Deaf and the Blind to participate in the DROP
185beyond 60 months, or who are instructional personnel as defined
186in s. 1012.01(2)(a)-(d) in prekindergarten through grade 12 who
187are funded through the Florida Education Finance Program and
188employed by a public school grades K-12 and who have received
189authorization by the district school superintendent to
190participate in the DROP beyond 60 calendar months, or who are
191instructional personnel as defined in s. 1012.01(2)(a)-(d) in
192prekindergarten through grade 12 who are funded through the
193Florida Education Finance Program and employed by a charter
194school and who have received authorization from the governing
195board of the charter school to participate in the DROP beyond 60
196calendar months, 96 calendar months immediately following the
197date on which the member first reaches his or her normal
198retirement date or the date to which he or she is eligible to
199defer his or her election to participate as provided in
200subparagraph (a)2. However, a member who has reached normal
201retirement date prior to the effective date of the DROP is shall
202be eligible to participate in the DROP for up to for a period of
203time not to exceed 60 calendar months or, with respect to
204members who are instructional personnel employed by the Florida
205School for the Deaf and the Blind and who have received
206authorization by the Board of Trustees of the Florida School for
207the Deaf and the Blind to participate in the DROP beyond 60
208months, or who are instructional personnel as defined in s.
2091012.01(2)(a)-(d) in grades K-12 and who have received
210authorization by the district school superintendent to
211participate in the DROP beyond 60 calendar months, 96 calendar
212months, as appropriate, immediately following the effective date
213of the DROP, except that a member of the Special Risk Class who
214has reached normal retirement date prior to the effective date
215of the DROP and whose total accrued value exceeds 75 percent of
216average final compensation as of his or her effective date of
217retirement may shall be eligible to participate in the DROP for
218no more than 36 calendar months immediately following the
219effective date of the DROP.
220     2.  Upon deciding to participate in the DROP, the member
221shall submit, on forms required by the division:
222     a.  A written election to participate in the DROP;
223     b.  Selection of the DROP participation and termination
224dates, which satisfy the limitations stated in paragraph (a) and
225subparagraph 1. The Such termination date must shall be in a
226binding letter of resignation to with the employer, establishing
227a deferred termination date. The member may change the
228termination date within the limitations of subparagraph 1., but
229only with the written approval of the his or her employer;
230     c.  A properly completed DROP application for service
231retirement as provided in this section; and
232     d.  Any other information required by the division.
233     3.  The DROP participant shall be a retiree under the
234Florida Retirement System for all purposes, except for paragraph
235(5)(f) and subsection (9) and ss. 112.3173, 112.363, 121.053,
236and 121.122. However, participation in the DROP does not alter
237the participant's employment status and the member is such
238employee shall not be deemed retired from employment until his
239or her deferred resignation is effective and termination occurs
240as provided in s. 121.021(39).
241     4.  Elected officers shall be eligible to participate in
242the DROP subject to the following:
243     a.  An elected officer who reaches normal retirement date
244during a term of office may defer the election to participate in
245the DROP until the next succeeding term in that office. An Such
246elected officer who exercises this option may participate in the
247DROP for up to 60 calendar months or for a period of no longer
248than the such succeeding term of office, whichever is less.
249     b.  An elected or a nonelected participant may run for a
250term of office while participating in DROP and, if elected,
251extend the DROP termination date accordingly, except that,
252however, if such additional term of office exceeds the 60-month
253limitation established in subparagraph 1., and the officer does
254not resign from office within the such 60-month limitation, the
255retirement and the participant's DROP shall be null and void as
256provided in sub-subparagraph (c)5.d.
257     c.  An elected officer who is dually employed and elects to
258participate in DROP shall be required to satisfy the definition
259of termination within the 60-month or, with respect to members
260who are instructional personnel employed by the Florida School
261for the Deaf and the Blind and who have received authorization
262by the Board of Trustees of the Florida School for the Deaf and
263the Blind to participate in the DROP beyond 60 months, or who
264are instructional personnel as defined in s. 1012.01(2)(a)-(d)
265in grades K-12 and who have received authorization by the
266district school superintendent to participate in the DROP beyond
26760 months, the 96-month maximum participation limitation period
268as provided in subparagraph 1. for the nonelected position and
269may continue employment as an elected officer as provided in s.
270121.053. The elected officer shall will be enrolled as a renewed
271member in the Elected Officers' Class or the Regular Class, as
272provided in ss. 121.053 and 121.122, on the first day of the
273month after termination of employment in the nonelected position
274and termination of DROP. Distribution of the DROP benefits shall
275be made as provided in paragraph (c).
276     Section 2.  Paragraph (d) of subsection (6), paragraph (b)
277of subsection (7), paragraph (l) of subsection (9), paragraph
278(a) of subsection (10), paragraphs (b) and (c) of subsection
279(17), paragraph (e) of subsection (18), and paragraph (a) of
280subsection (20) of section 1002.33, Florida Statutes, are
281amended to read:
282     1002.33  Charter schools.--
283     (6)  APPLICATION PROCESS AND REVIEW.--Charter school
284applications are subject to the following requirements:
285     (d)  For charter school applications in school districts
286that have not been granted exclusive authority to sponsor
287charter schools pursuant to s. 1002.335(5), the right to appeal
288an application denial under paragraph (c) shall be contingent on
289the applicant having submitted the same or a substantially
290similar application to the district school board and the Florida
291Schools of Excellence Commission or one of its cosponsors. Any
292such applicant whose application is denied by the commission or
293one of its cosponsors and subsequent to its denial by the
294district school board may exercise its right to appeal the
295district school board's denial under paragraph (c) within 30
296days after receipt of the commission's or cosponsor's denial or
297failure to act on the application. However, the applicant
298forfeits its right to appeal under paragraph (c) if it fails to
299submit its application to the commission or one of its
300cosponsors by August 1 of the school year immediately following
301the district school board's denial of the application.
302     (7)  CHARTER.--The major issues involving the operation of
303a charter school shall be considered in advance and written into
304the charter. The charter shall be signed by the governing body
305of the charter school and the sponsor, following a public
306hearing to ensure community input.
307     (b)1.  A charter may be renewed if provided that a program
308review demonstrates that the criteria in paragraph (a) have been
309successfully accomplished and that none of the grounds for
310nonrenewal established by paragraph (8)(a) has been documented.
311In order to facilitate long-term financing for charter school
312construction, charter schools operating for a minimum of 3 years
313and demonstrating exemplary academic programming and fiscal
314management must be provided the option of are eligible for a 15-
315year charter renewal. A Such long-term charter is subject to
316annual review and may be terminated during the term of the
318     2.  The 15-year charter renewal must be offered by a
319sponsor that may be granted pursuant to subparagraph 1. shall be
320granted to a charter school that has received a school grade of
321"A" or "B" pursuant to s. 1008.34 in 3 of the past 4 years and
322is not in a state of financial emergency or deficit position as
323defined by this section. Such long-term charter is subject to
324annual review and may be terminated during the term of the
325charter pursuant to subsection (8).
327     (l)  The governing body of the charter school shall report
328its progress annually to its sponsor, which shall forward the
329report to the Commissioner of Education at the same time as
330other annual school accountability reports. The Department of
331Education shall develop a uniform, online annual accountability
332report format to be completed by charter schools. This report
333shall be easy to utilize and contain demographic information,
334student performance data, and financial accountability
335information. A charter school may directly access, complete, and
336correct school data and information in the online accountability
337report. The sponsor shall review the report before final
338submission to shall not be required to provide information and
339data that is duplicative and already in the possession of the
340department. The department of Education shall include in its
341compilation a notation if a school failed to file its report by
342the deadline established by the department. The report shall
343include at least the following components:
344     1.  Student achievement performance data, including the
345information required for the annual school report and the
346education accountability system governed by ss. 1008.31 and
3471008.345. Charter schools are subject to the same accountability
348requirements as other public schools, including reports of
349student achievement information that links baseline student data
350to the school's performance projections identified in the
351charter. The charter school shall identify reasons for any
352difference between projected and actual student performance.
353     2.  Financial status of the charter school which must
354include revenues and expenditures at a level of detail that
355allows for analysis of the school's ability to meet financial
356obligations and timely repayment of debt.
357     3.  Documentation of the facilities in current use and any
358planned facilities for use by the charter school for instruction
359of students, administrative functions, or investment purposes.
360     4.  Descriptive information about the charter school's
361personnel, including salary and benefit levels of charter school
362employees, the proportion of instructional personnel who hold
363professional or temporary certificates, and the proportion of
364instructional personnel teaching in-field or out-of-field.
365     (10)  ELIGIBLE STUDENTS.--
366     (a)  A charter school shall be open to any student covered
367in an interdistrict agreement or residing in the school district
368in which the charter school is located; however, in the case of
369a charter lab school, the charter lab school shall be open to
370any student eligible to attend the lab school as provided in s.
3711002.32 or who resides in the school district in which the
372charter lab school is located. Any eligible student shall be
373allowed interdistrict transfer to attend a charter school when
374based on good cause. Good cause shall include, but not be
375limited to, geographic proximity to a charter school in a
376neighboring school district.
377     (17)  FUNDING.--Students enrolled in a charter school,
378regardless of the sponsorship, shall be funded as if they are in
379a basic program or a special program, the same as students
380enrolled in other public schools in the school district. Funding
381for a charter lab school shall be as provided in s. 1002.32.
382     (b)  The basis for the agreement for funding students
383enrolled in a charter school shall be the sum of the school
384district's operating funds from the Florida Education Finance
385Program as provided in s. 1011.62 and the General Appropriations
386Act, including gross state and local funds, discretionary
387lottery funds, and funds from the school district's current
388operating discretionary millage levy; divided by total funded
389weighted full-time equivalent students in the school district;
390multiplied by the weighted full-time equivalent students for the
391charter school. Charter schools whose students or programs meet
392the eligibility criteria in law shall be entitled to their
393proportionate share of categorical program funds included in the
394total funds available in the Florida Education Finance Program
395by the Legislature, including transportation. Total funding for
396each charter school shall be recalculated during the year to
397reflect the revised calculations under the Florida Education
398Finance Program by the state and the actual weighted full-time
399equivalent students reported by the charter school during the
400full-time equivalent student survey periods designated by the
401Commissioner of Education. Florida Education Finance Program
402funds for a charter school must be distributed to the charter
403school by the sponsor within 10 days after receipt by the state.
404     (c)  If the sponsor district school board is providing
405programs or services to students funded by federal funds, any
406eligible students enrolled in charter schools in the school
407district shall be provided federal funds for the same level of
408service provided students in the schools operated by the
409district school board. Pursuant to provisions of 20 U.S.C. 8061
410s. 10306, all charter schools shall receive all federal funding
411for which the school is otherwise eligible, including Title I
412funding and funding under the Individuals with Disabilities
413Education Act, not later than 5 months after the charter school
414first opens and within 5 months after any subsequent expansion
415of enrollment.
416     (18)  FACILITIES.--
417     (e)  If a district school board facility or property is
418available because it is surplus, marked for disposal, or
419otherwise unused, it shall be provided for a charter school's
420use on the same basis as it is made available to other public
421schools in the district. If a school district closes a public
422school, the property and facilities must first be made available
423within 60 days, for lease or purchase, to charter schools within
424the district to be used for educational purposes. A charter
425school receiving property from the school district may not sell
426or dispose of such property without written permission of the
427school district. Similarly, for an existing public school
428converting to charter status, no rental or leasing fee for the
429existing facility or for the property normally inventoried to
430the conversion school may be charged by the district school
431board to the parents and teachers organizing the charter school.
432The charter school shall agree to reasonable maintenance
433provisions in order to maintain the facility in a manner similar
434to district school board standards. The Public Education Capital
435Outlay maintenance funds or any other maintenance funds
436generated by the facility operated as a conversion school shall
437remain with the conversion school.
438     (20)  SERVICES.--
439     (a)  A sponsor shall provide certain administrative and
440educational services to charter schools. These services shall
441include contract management services; full-time equivalent and
442data reporting services; exceptional student education
443administration services; services related to eligibility and
444reporting duties required to ensure that school lunch services
445under the federal lunch program, consistent with the needs of
446the charter school, are provided by the school district at the
447request of the charter school, that any funds due the charter
448school under the federal lunch program be paid to the charter
449school as soon as the charter school begins serving food under
450the federal lunch program, and that the charter school is paid
451at the same time and in the same manner under the federal lunch
452program as other public schools serviced by the sponsor or
453school district; test administration services, including payment
454of the costs of state-required or district-required student
455assessments; processing of teacher certificate data services;
456and information services, including equal access to student
457information systems that are used by public schools in the
458district in which the charter school is located. Student
459performance data for each student in a charter school,
460including, but not limited to, FCAT scores, standardized test
461scores, previous public school student report cards, and student
462performance measures, shall be provided by the sponsor to a
463charter school in the same manner provided to other public
464schools in the district. A total administrative fee for the
465provision of such services shall be calculated based upon up to
4665 percent of the available funds defined in paragraph (17)(b)
467for all students. However, a sponsor may only withhold up to a
4685-percent administrative fee for enrollment for up to and
469including 500 students. For charter schools with a population of
470501 or more students, the difference between the total
471administrative fee calculation and the amount of the
472administrative fee withheld may only be used for capital outlay
473purposes specified in s. 1013.62(2). Sponsors shall not charge
474charter schools any additional fees or surcharges for
475administrative and educational services in addition to the
476maximum 5-percent administrative fee withheld pursuant to this
478     Section 3.  Paragraph (b) of subsection (2) of section
4791003.03, Florida Statutes, is amended to read:
480     1003.03  Maximum class size.--
481     (2)  IMPLEMENTATION.--
482     (b)  Determination of the number of students per classroom
483in paragraph (a) shall be calculated as follows:
484     1.  For fiscal years 2003-2004 through 2005-2006, the
485calculation for compliance for each of the 3 grade groupings
486shall be the average at the district level.
487     2.  For fiscal years 2006-2007 through 2007-2008, the
488calculation for compliance for each of the 3 grade groupings
489shall be the average at the school level.
490     3.  For fiscal years 2008-2009, 2009-2010, and thereafter,
491the calculation for compliance shall be at the individual
492classroom level. However, the calculation for compliance for
493charter schools, public school magnet programs, or other public
494school parental choice programs shall remain the average at the
495school level or program level.
496     4.  For fiscal years 2006-2007 through 2009-2010 and
497thereafter, each teacher assigned to any classroom shall be
498included in the calculation for compliance.
499     Section 4.  Subsection (2) of section 1011.71, Florida
500Statutes, is amended to read:
501     1011.71  District school tax.--
502     (2)  In addition to the maximum millage levy as provided in
503subsection (1), each school board may levy not more than 2 mills
504against the taxable value for school purposes for district
505schools, including charter schools at the discretion of the
506school board, to fund:
507     (a)  New construction and remodeling projects, as set forth
508in s. 1013.64(3)(b) and (6)(b) and included in the district's
509educational plant survey pursuant to s. 1013.31, without regard
510to prioritization, sites and site improvement or expansion to
511new sites, existing sites, auxiliary facilities, athletic
512facilities, or ancillary facilities.
513     (b)  Maintenance, renovation, and repair of existing school
514plants or of leased facilities to correct deficiencies pursuant
515to s. 1013.15(2).
516     (c)  The purchase, lease-purchase, or lease of school
518     (d)  The purchase, lease-purchase, or lease of new and
519replacement equipment.
520     (e)  Payments for educational facilities and sites due
521under a lease-purchase agreement entered into by a district
522school board pursuant to s. 1003.02(1)(f) or s. 1013.15(2), not
523exceeding, in the aggregate, an amount equal to three-fourths of
524the proceeds from the millage levied by a district school board
525pursuant to this subsection.
526     (f)  Payment of loans approved pursuant to ss. 1011.14 and
528     (g)  Payment of costs directly related to complying with
529state and federal environmental statutes, rules, and regulations
530governing school facilities.
531     (h)  Payment of costs of leasing relocatable educational
532facilities, of renting or leasing educational facilities and
533sites pursuant to s. 1013.15(2), or of renting or leasing
534buildings or space within existing buildings pursuant to s.
536     (i)  Payment of the cost of school buses when a school
537district contracts with a private entity to provide student
538transportation services if the district meets the requirements
539of this paragraph.
540     1.  The district's contract must require that the private
541entity purchase, lease-purchase, or lease, and operate and
542maintain, one or more school buses of a specific type and size
543that meet the requirements of s. 1006.25.
544     2.  Each such school bus must be used for the daily
545transportation of public school students in the manner required
546by the school district.
547     3.  Annual payment for each such school bus may not exceed
54810 percent of the purchase price of the state pool bid.
549     4.  The proposed expenditure of the funds for this purpose
550must have been included in the district school board's notice of
551proposed tax for school capital outlay as provided in s.
553     (j)  Payment of the cost of the opening day collection for
554the library media center of a new school.
555     Section 5.  Paragraph (f) is added to subsection (2) of
556section 1013.62, Florida Statutes, to read:
557     1013.62  Charter schools capital outlay funding.--
558     (2)  A charter school's governing body may use charter
559school capital outlay funds for the following purposes:
560     (f)  Any of the purposes set forth in s. 1011.71(2).
562Conversion charter schools may use capital outlay funds received
563through the reduction in the administrative fee provided in s.
5641002.33(20) for renovation, repair, and maintenance of school
565facilities that are owned by the sponsor.
566     Section 6.  This act shall take effect July 1, 2008.

CODING: Words stricken are deletions; words underlined are additions.