Bill No. CS/HB 7081
Amendment No. 031515
Senate House

1Representative Bean offered the following:
3     Amendment
4     Remove lines 700-715 and insert:
5     (6)  PRICING.--Prices for the products sold through the
6program shall be transparent to participants and established by
7the vendors based on age, gender, and location of participants.
8The corporation shall develop a methodology to evaluate the
9actuarial soundness of products offered through the program. The
10methodology shall be reviewed by the Office of Insurance
11Regulation prior to use by the corporation. Prior to making the
12product available to individual participants, the corporation
13shall use the methodology to compare the expected health care
14costs for the covered services and benefits to the vendor's
15price for that coverage. The results shall be reported to
16individuals participating in the program. Once established, the
17price set by the vendor must remain in force for at least 1 year
18and may only be redetermined by the vendor at the next annual
19enrollment period. The corporation shall annually assess a
20surcharge for each premium or price set by a participating
21vendor. This surcharge may not be more than 2.5 percent of the
22price and shall be used to generate funding for administrative
23services provided by the corporation and payments to buyers'

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