Bill No. CS/HB 7081
Amendment No. 677901
Senate House

1Representative Bean offered the following:
3     Amendment
4     Remove lines 583-616 and insert:
5     1.  Insurers licensed under chapter 624 may sell
6health insurance policies, limited benefit policies, other risk-
7bearing coverage, and other products or services.
8     2.  Health maintenance organizations licensed under part I
9of chapter 641 may sell health insurance policies, limited
10benefit policies, other risk-bearing products, and other
11products or services.
12     3.  Prepaid health clinic service providers licensed under
13part II of chapter 641 may sell prepaid service contracts and
14other arrangements for a specified amount and type of health
15services or treatments.
16     4.  Health care providers, including hospitals and other
17licensed health facilities, health care clinics, licensed health
18professionals, pharmacies, and other licensed health care
19providers, may sell service contracts and arrangements for a
20specified amount and type of health services or treatments.
21     5.  Provider organizations, including service networks,
22group practices, professional associations, and other
23incorporated organizations of providers, may sell service
24contracts and arrangements for a specified amount and type of
25health services or treatments.
26     6.  Corporate entities providing specific health services
27in accordance with applicable state law may sell service
28contracts and arrangements for a specified amount and type of
29health services or treatments.
31A vendor described in subparagraphs 3.-6. may not sell products
32that provide risk-bearing coverage unless that vendor is
33authorized under a certificate of authority issued by the Office
34of Insurance Regulation under the provisions of the Florida
35Insurance Code. Otherwise eligible vendors may be excluded from
36participating in the program for deceptive or predatory
37practices, financial insolvency, or failure to comply with the
38terms of the participation agreement or other standards set by
39the corporation.

CODING: Words stricken are deletions; words underlined are additions.