Bill No. CS/HB 7081
Amendment No. 731351
Senate House

1Representative Bean offered the following:
3     Amendment
4     Remove lines 820-828 and insert:
5     (f)  The board shall develop and adopt bylaws and other
6corporate procedures as necessary for the operation of the
7corporation and carrying out the purposes of this section. The
8bylaws shall:
9     1.  Specify procedures for selection of officers and
10qualifications for reappointment, provided that no board member
11shall serve more than 9 consecutive years.
12     2.  Require an annual membership meeting that provides an
13opportunity for input and interaction with individual
14participants in the program.
15     3.  Specify policies and procedures regarding conflicts of
16interest, including prohibiting a member from participating in
17any decision that would inure to the benefit of the member or
18the organization that employs the member. The policies and
19procedures shall also require public disclosure of the interest
20that prevents the member from participating in a decision on a
21particular matter.

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