Bill No. CS/HB 7081
Amendment No. 755295
Senate House

1Representative Bean offered the following:
3     Amendment (with title amendment)
4     Remove lines 963-1026 and insert:
5     (1)  If an insurer offers coverage that insures dependent
6children of the policyholder or certificateholder, the policy
7must insure a dependent child of the policyholder or
8certificateholder at least until the end of the calendar year in
9which the child reaches the age of 25, if the child meets all of
10the following:
11     (a)  The child is dependent upon the policyholder or
12certificateholder for support.
13     (b)  The child is living in the household of the
14policyholder or certificateholder, or the child is a full-time
15or part-time student.
16     (2)  A policy that is subject to the requirements of
17subsection (1) must also offer the policyholder or
18certificateholder the option to insure a child of the
19policyholder or certificateholder at least until the end of the
20calendar year in which the child reaches the age of 30, if the
22     (a)  Is unmarried and does not have a dependent of his or
23her own;
24     (b)  Is a resident of this state or a full-time or part-
25time student; and
26     (c)  Is not provided coverage as a named subscriber,
27insured, enrollee, or covered person under any other group,
28blanket, or franchise health insurance policy or individual
29health benefits plan, or entitled to benefits under Title XVIII
30of the Social Security Act.
31     (3)  If, pursuant to subsection (2), a child is provided
32coverage under the parent's policy after the end of the calendar
33year in which the child reaches age 25, and coverage for the
34child is subsequently terminated, the child is not eligible to
35be covered under the parent's policy unless the child was
36continuously covered by other creditable coverage without a gap
37in coverage of more than 63 days. For the purposes of this
38subsection, the term "creditable coverage" has the same meaning
39as defined in s. 627.6561(5).
40     (4)(2)  Nothing in This section does not affect or preempt
41affects or preempts an insurer's right to medically underwrite
42or charge the appropriate premium.      (b)  Require coverage
43for services provided to a dependent before October 1, 2008.
44     (c)  Require an employer to pay all or part of the cost of
45coverage provided for a dependent under this section.
46     (d)  Prohibit an insurer or health maintenance organization
47from increasing the limiting age for dependent coverage to age
4830 in policies or contracts issued or renewed prior to the
49effective date of this act.
50     (5)  Until April 1, 2009, a dependent child who qualifies
51for coverage under subsection (1) but whose coverage as a
52dependent child under a covered person's plan terminated under
53the terms of the plan before October 1, 2008, may make a written
54election to reinstate coverage, without proof of insurability,
55under that plan as a dependent child pursuant to this section.
56All other dependent children who qualify for coverage under
57subsection (1) shall be automatically covered at least until the
58end of the calendar year in which the child reaches the age of
5930, unless the covered person provides the group policyholder
60with written evidence the dependent child is married, is not a
61resident of the state, is covered under a separate comprehensive
62health insurance policy or a health benefit plan, is entitled to
63benefits under Title XVIII of the Social Security Act, Pub. L.
64No. 89-97, 42 U.S.C. ss. 1935 et seq., or is eligible for
65coverage as an employee under an employer-sponsored health plan.
66     (6)  The covered person's plan may require the payment of a
67premium by the covered person or dependent child, as
68appropriate, subject to the approval of the Office of Insurance
69Regulation, for any period of coverage relating to a dependent's
70written election for coverage pursuant to subsection (3).
71     (7)  Notice regarding the reinstatement of coverage for a
72dependent child as provided under this section must be provided
73to a covered person in the certificate of coverage prepared for
74covered persons by the insurer or by the covered person's
75employer. The notice shall be given as soon as practicable after
76July 1, 2008, and such notice may be given through the group
78     (8)  This section does not apply to accident only,
79specified disease, disability income, Medicare supplement, or
80long-term care insurance policies.
81     (9)  This section applies to all group, blanket, and
T I T L E  A M E N D M E N T
88     Remove lines 101-122 and insert:
89coverage; amending s. 627.6562, F.S.; requiring insurance
90policies that provide dependent coverage to provide the
91policyholder with the option of insuring a child until the age
92of 30 under certain circumstances; amending s. 641.402, F.S.;
93revising the

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