Bill No. CS/CS/SB 866
Amendment No. 313491
Senate House

1Representative Randolph offered the following:
3     Amendment to Amendment (553517) (with title amendment)
4     Between lines 34 and 35, insert:
5     (4)  Each political committee or electioneering
6communications organization report shall also include the name
7of the candidate on whose behalf the expenditure was made, if
8any expenditure was made to or for any communications media that
9depicted a candidate or a candidate's opponent in either a
10primary or general election. If the communication depicted more
11than one candidate, the expenditure shall be divided evenly
12among the depicted candidates.
13     (5)  Each electioneering communications organization report
14shall also include a certification of whether the expenditure
15was coordinated with any candidate if an electioneering
16communications organization made any expenditure.
T I T L E  A M E N D M E N T
20     Remove line 56 and insert:
21amending s. 106.071, F.S.; providing reporting requirements for
22political committees and electioneering communications
23organizations; deleting the penalty provision for

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