HR 9019

House Resolution
2A resolution honoring the life and preserving the legacy
3of Dr. Howard W. Thurman.
5     WHEREAS, Dr. Howard W. Thurman, an educator, author,
6ordained minister and preacher, philosopher, theologian, and
7civil rights leader, was one of the most important people in
8American history, and
9     WHEREAS, Howard Thurman, who was born in 1900 in Daytona
10Beach, Florida, and raised by his grandmother, a former slave,
11developed a deep commitment to breaking through the walls that
12separate mankind on the basis of race, color, creed, or national
13origin, and
14     WHEREAS, as a professor and dean of the chapels at Howard
15University and Boston University, Howard Thurman created a
16climate of action-oriented nonviolence, which was later
17inherited by the civil rights movement, and
18     WHEREAS, as a cofounder of the Church for the Fellowship of
19All Peoples in San Francisco, California, Howard Thurman
20stimulated change in the racial and cultural policies of
21American churches, and
22     WHEREAS, as a theologian and cultural ambassador, Howard
23Thurman met with world figures, including Mahatma Gandhi, who
24deepened Thurman's faith in the power of nonviolent resistance
25to segregation, and
26     WHEREAS, as an author of 20 books of ethical and cultural
27criticism, Howard Thurman deeply influenced prominent leaders of
28the civil rights movement, including Dr. Martin Luther King,
29Jr., and
30     WHEREAS, subsequent to Howard Thurman's death in 1981, the
31Howard Thurman Program was established at Stetson University in
32partnership with New Birth Corporation, an organization
33dedicated to fostering a cultural renaissance in the African-
34American community headed by Reverend Jefferson P. Rogers, and
35     WHEREAS, under the directorship of Reverend Rogers, the
36Howard Thurman Program and its Howard Thurman Lecture Series
37extend the legacy of the Daytona Beach native, Howard Thurman,
38and integrate the work of scholars with community leaders to
39find solutions to social, religious, and ethnic problems, NOW,
42Be It Resolved by the House of Representatives of the State of
45     That the life of Dr. Howard W. Thurman is hereby honored
46and his legacy is preserved.
47     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this resolution be
48presented to Reverend Jefferson P. Rogers, Director of the
49Howard Thurman Program at Stetson University.

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