Bill No. CS/HB 909
Amendment No. 156585
Senate House

1Representative Attkisson offered the following:
3     Amendment to Amendment (628963) (with title amendment)
4     Between lines 4 and 5, insert:
5     Section 1.  Paragraph (b) of subsection (3) of section
6193.461, Florida Statutes, is amended to read:
7     193.461  Agricultural lands; classification and assessment;
8mandated eradication or quarantine program.--
9     (3)
10     (b)  Subject to the restrictions set out in this section,
11only lands which are used primarily for bona fide agricultural
12purposes shall be classified agricultural. "Bona fide
13agricultural purposes" means good faith commercial agricultural
14use of the land. In determining whether the use of the land for
15agricultural purposes is bona fide, the following factors may be
16taken into consideration:
17     1.  The length of time the land has been so used. utilized;
18     2.  Whether the use has been continuous.;
19     3.  The purchase price paid.;
20     4.  Size, as it relates to specific agricultural use, but
21in no event shall a minimum acreage be required for agricultural
23     5.  Whether an indicated effort has been made to care
24sufficiently and adequately for the land in accordance with
25accepted commercial agricultural practices, including, without
26limitation, fertilizing, liming, tilling, mowing, reforesting,
27and other accepted agricultural practices.;
28     6.  Whether such land is under lease and, if so, the
29effective length, terms, and conditions of the lease.; and
30     7.  Such other factors as may from time to time become
T I T L E  A M E N D M E N T
35     Remove line 278 and insert:
36An act relating to ad valorem taxation; amending s. 193.461,
37F.S.; revising criteria for classifying agricultural lands;
38amending s. 194.011,

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