Bill No. CS/HB 909
Amendment No. 246379
Senate House

1Representative Seiler offered the following:
3     Amendment (with title amendment)
4     Between lines 360-361 and insert:
5     Section 9.  Section 195.052, Florida Statutes, is amended
6to read:
7     195.052  Research and tabulation of data.--The department
8shall conduct constant research and maintain accurate
9tabulations of data and conditions existing as to ad valorem
10taxation, shall annually publish such data as may be appropriate
11to facilitate fiscal policymaking, and shall annually make such
12recommendations to the Legislature as are necessary to ensure
13that property is valued according to its just value and is
14equitably taxed throughout the state. Such data shall include
15the annual percentage increase in total nonvoted ad valorem
16taxes levied by each city and county and shall include
17information on the distribution of ad valorem taxes levied among
18the various classifications of property, including homestead,
19nonhomestead residential, new construction, commercial, and
20industrial properties. Such data shall include the previous
21year's adopted millage rate, the current year's millage rate,
22and the current percentage increase in taxes levied above the
23rolled-back rate. Such data shall be published, at a minimum, on
24the department's website and on the websites of all property
25appraisers of this state, if available. Publication shall occur
26not later than 90 60 days after receipt of extended rolls for
27all counties pursuant to s. 193.122(7).
T I T L E  A M E N D M E N T
32     Remove lines 42 and insert:
33proof; amending s. 195.052, F.S.; specifying requirements for
34data to be published by the Department of Revenue; extending the
35publication period; providing an effective date.

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