Bill No. CS/CS/CS/HB 1363
Amendment No. 653879
Senate House

1Representative Brandes offered the following:
3     Substitute Amendment for Amendment (789217)
4     Remove lines 301-344 and insert:
5     (3)  "City street system" means all local roads within a
6municipality, and all collector roads inside that municipality,
7which are not in the county road system.
8     (4)  "Collector road" means a route providing service which
9is of relatively moderate average traffic volume, moderately
10average trip length, and moderately average operating speed.
11Such a route also collects and distributes traffic between local
12roads or arterial roads and serves as a linkage between land
13access and mobility needs.
14     (4)(5)  "Commissioners" means the governing body of a
16     (5)(6)  "Consolidated metropolitan statistical area" means
17two or more metropolitan statistical areas that are socially and
18economically interrelated as defined by the United States Bureau
19of the Census.
20     (6)(7)  "Controlled access facility" means a street or
21highway to which the right of access is highly regulated by the
22governmental entity having jurisdiction over the facility in
23order to maximize the operational efficiency and safety of the
24high-volume through traffic utilizing the facility. Owners or
25occupants of abutting lands and other persons have a right of
26access to or from such facility at such points only and in such
27manner as may be determined by the governmental entity.
28     (7)(8)  "County road system" means all collector roads in
29the unincorporated areas of a county and all extensions of such
30collector roads into and through any incorporated areas, all
31local roads in the unincorporated areas, and all urban minor
32arterial roads not in the State Highway System.

CODING: Words stricken are deletions; words underlined are additions.