CS/HM 1375

House Memorial
2A memorial to the Congress of the United States, urging
3Congress to take additional action to clarify and specify
4the Environmental Protection Agency's legal and regulatory
5obligations with respect to greenhouse gases.
7     WHEREAS, the Environmental Protection Agency has begun
8implementation of rulemaking that describes a nationwide plan to
9regulate greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act, and
10     WHEREAS, the Environmental Protection Agency's plan to
11regulate greenhouse gases is very expansive in scope,
12envisioning a nationwide cap and trade program for greenhouse
13gases, additional motor vehicle regulations, and economy-wide
14restrictions impacting a wide range of industries, including
15dairy and beef operations, office buildings, hospitals, schools,
16large homes, and houses of worship, and even regulating the
17greenhouse gas emissions from lawnmowers, and
18     WHEREAS, the United States Court of Appeals for the
19District of Columbia Circuit has ruled that the Environmental
20Protection Agency does not have authority to carry out a cap and
21trade plan under the Clean Air Act, and
22     WHEREAS, the Environmental Protection Agency's plan
23represents policymaking that is the prerogative of the
24legislative branch and that exceeds its administrative authority
25to execute the laws enacted by Congress, and
26     WHEREAS, climate change is a global issue, not a local or
27regional pollution issue, which the Clean Air Act was designed
28to address, and
29     WHEREAS, the Environmental Protection Agency's plan would
30impose a massive economic burden on America without appreciably
31reducing worldwide concentrations of greenhouse gases, NOW,
34Be It Resolved by the Legislature of the State of Florida:
36     That the Congress of the United States is urged to take
37additional action to clarify and specify the Environmental
38Protection Agency's legal and regulatory obligations with
39respect to greenhouse gases.
40     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that copies of this memorial be
41dispatched to the President of the United States, to the
42President of the United States Senate, to the Speaker of the
43United States House of Representatives, and to each member of
44the Florida delegation to the United States Congress.

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