HB 161

A bill to be entitled
2An act relating to tax deeds; amending s. 197.502, F.S.;
3specifying that an application for a tax deed on a part of
4a parcel of property may be filed only after separation
5has been received from the property appraiser; authorizing
6tax collectors to recover reimbursement of certain
7electronic tax deed application service third-party fees;
8authorizing certain tax collectors to require the use of
9electronic tax deed application services; providing an
10effective date.
12Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:
14     Section 1.  Subsections (1) and (2) of section 197.502,
15Florida Statutes, are amended to read:
16     197.502  Application for obtaining tax deed by holder of
17tax sale certificate; fees.-
18     (1)  The holder of a any tax certificate, other than the
19county, at any time after 2 years have elapsed since April 1 of
20the year of issuance of the tax certificate and before the
21expiration of 7 years after from the date of issuance, may file
22the certificate and an application for a tax deed with the tax
23collector of the county where the property lands described in
24the certificate is are located. The application may be made on
25the entire parcel of property, or any part thereof which is
26capable of being readily separated from the whole but only after
27the separation has been received from the property appraiser.
28The tax collector may charge shall be allowed a tax deed
29application fee of $75, and may charge for reimbursement of fees
30charged by a third party to the tax collector for providing an
31electronic tax deed application program or service. A tax
32collector offering electronic tax deed applications may require
33the holder of a tax certificate to use such electronic tax deed
34application services.
35     (2)  A Any certificateholder, other than the county, who
36applies makes application for a tax deed shall pay the tax
37collector at the time of application the fees set forth in
38subsection (1); all amounts required for redemption or purchase
39of all other outstanding tax certificates, plus interest;, any
40omitted taxes, plus interest;, any delinquent taxes, plus
41interest;, and current taxes, if due, covering the property
43     Section 2.  This act shall take effect July 1, 2011.

CODING: Words stricken are deletions; words underlined are additions.