Bill No. CS/CS/SB 736
Amendment No. 081015
Senate House

1Representative Bullard offered the following:
3     Amendment
4     Remove lines 719-743 and insert:
5     (d)  "Professional performance contract" means an
6employment contract for instructional personnel for a period of
73 school years, which shall be renewed for additional 1-year
8periods as long as the individual has not received two
9consecutive unsatisfactory evaluations under s. 1012.34, two
10unsatisfactory evaluations within a 3-year period under s.
111012.34, or three evaluations of needs improvement within any 5-
12year period under s. 1012.34.
13     (2)  EMPLOYMENT.-
14     (a)  Beginning on July 1, 2011, each individual newly hired
15as instructional personnel by a Florida school district shall
16receive a probationary contract.
17     (b)  The district school board may issue an annual contract
18to instructional personnel who have successfully completed the
19probationary contract if the individual:
20     1.  Holds a professional certificate or temporary
21certificate issued pursuant to s. 1012.56 and rules of the State
22Board of Education.
23     2.  Has been recommended by the district school
24superintendent for the annual contract based upon the
25individual's evaluation, as determined under s. 1012.34, and
26approved by the district school board.
27     (c)  Upon completion of no less than 3 years of employment
28in the same school district within a 5-year period, except for
29leave duly authorized and granted, instructional personnel
30recommended for additional employment shall be awarded a
31professional performance contract. Instructional personnel may
32be required to serve a fourth year of employment before becoming
33eligible to receive a professional performance contract when
34prescribed by the district school board for good reason.
35     1.  A professional performance contract may be offered by a
36district school board to instructional personnel only if the
38     a.  Holds a professional certificate or temporary
39certificate as prescribed by s. 1012.56 and rules of the State
40Board of Education.
41     b.  Has been recommended by the district school
42superintendent for further employment and approved by the
43district school board based on successful performance of duties
44and demonstration of professional competence under s. 1012.34.
45     c.  Has not received two consecutive unsatisfactory
46evaluations under s. 1012.34, two unsatisfactory evaluations
47within a 3-year period under s. 1012.34, or three evaluations of
48needs improvement within any 5-year period under s. 1012.34.
49     2.  A district school board may issue a professional
50performance contract after July 1, 2011, to any instructional
51personnel staff member who has previously held a professional
52performance contract, a professional service contract, or a
53continuing contract in the same or another school district
54within this state. Any instructional personnel staff member who
55holds a professional service contract or a continuing contract
56may, but is not required to, exchange such contract for a
57professional performance contract in the same district.
58     3.  If a professional performance contract is not renewed
59by the district school board based on performance of duties and
60demonstration of professional competence of the individual under
61s. 1012.34, upon the recommendation of the superintendent and
62upon the approval of the district school board, the individual
63may be appointed to up to three additional annual contracts or
64not be offered an additional contract. At the time of making
65such recommendation to the district school board, the
66superintendent shall state the performance-based reason for his
67or her recommendation and the district school board shall take
68final action on such recommendation.

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