Florida Senate - 2011                          SENATOR AMENDMENT
       Bill No. CS/CS/CS/HB 991, 1st Eng.
                                Barcode 879438                          
                              LEGISLATIVE ACTION                        
                    Senate             .             House              

       Senator Ring moved the following:
    1         Senate Amendment (with title amendment)
    3         Delete lines 1965 - 1996
    4  and insert:
    5         Section 35. Subsections (1) and (3) of section 311.09,
    6  Florida Statutes, are amended, and subsection (13) is added to
    7  that section, to read:
    8         311.09 Florida Seaport Transportation and Economic
    9  Development Council.—
   10         (1) The Florida Seaport Transportation and Economic
   11  Development Council is created within the Department of
   12  Transportation. The council consists of the following 18 17
   13  members: the port director, or the port director’s designee, of
   14  each of the ports of Jacksonville, Port Canaveral, Port Citrus,
   15  Fort Pierce, Palm Beach, Port Everglades, Miami, Port Manatee,
   16  St. Petersburg, Tampa, Port St. Joe, Panama City, Pensacola, Key
   17  West, and Fernandina; the secretary of the Department of
   18  Transportation or his or her designee; the director of the
   19  Office of Tourism, Trade, and Economic Development or his or her
   20  designee; and the secretary of the Department of Community
   21  Affairs or his or her designee.
   22         (3) The council shall prepare a 5-year Florida Seaport
   23  Mission Plan defining the goals and objectives of the council
   24  concerning the development of port facilities and an intermodal
   25  transportation system consistent with the goals of the Florida
   26  Transportation Plan developed pursuant to s. 339.155. The
   27  Florida Seaport Mission Plan shall include specific
   28  recommendations for the construction of transportation
   29  facilities connecting any port to another transportation mode
   30  and for the efficient, cost-effective development of
   31  transportation facilities or port facilities for the purpose of
   32  enhancing international trade, promoting cargo flow, increasing
   33  cruise passenger movements, increasing port revenues, and
   34  providing economic benefits to the state. The council shall
   35  develop a priority list of projects based on these
   36  recommendations annually and submit the list to the Department
   37  of Transportation. The council shall update the 5-year Florida
   38  Seaport Mission Plan annually and shall submit the plan no later
   39  than February 1 of each year to the President of the Senate; the
   40  Speaker of the House of Representatives; the Office of Tourism,
   41  Trade, and Economic Development; the Department of
   42  Transportation; and the Department of Community Affairs. The
   43  council shall develop programs, based on an examination of
   44  existing programs in Florida and other states, for the training
   45  of minorities and secondary school students in job skills
   46  associated with employment opportunities in the maritime
   47  industry, and report on progress and recommendations for further
   48  action to the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the
   49  House of Representatives annually.
   50         (13) Until July 1, 2014, Citrus County may apply for a
   51  grant through the council to perform a feasibility study
   52  regarding the establishment of a port in Citrus County. The
   53  council shall evaluate such application in accordance with
   54  subsections (5)–(9) and, if approved, the Department of
   55  Transportation shall include the feasibility study in its budget
   56  request pursuant to subsection (1). After such feasibility study
   57  is funded and performed and the study determines that a port in
   58  Citrus County is not feasible, the membership of Port Citrus on
   59  the council shall terminate.
   61  ================= T I T L E  A M E N D M E N T ================
   62         And the title is amended as follows:
   63         Delete lines 208 - 213
   64  and insert:
   65         secretary; amending s. 311.09, F.S.; revising the
   66         membership of the Florida Seaport Transportation and
   67         Economic Development Council to include the port
   68         director, or his or her designee, from Port Citrus;
   69         revising requirements for the inclusion of certain
   70         goals and objectives in the Florida Seaport Mission
   71         Plan; requiring the Florida Seaport Transportation and
   72         Economic Development Council to develop a priority
   73         list of projects and submit the list to the Department
   74         of Transportation; authorizing Citrus County to apply
   75         for a grant through the council to perform a
   76         feasibility study regarding the establishment of a
   77         port in Citrus County; amending s. 311.14,