CS/HB 387

A bill to be entitled
2An act relating to electronic filing of construction
3plans; amending s. 468.604, F.S.; providing a
4legislative finding; providing for certain documents
5to be electronically signed and sealed by the licensee
6and electronically transmitted to a building code
7administrator or building official for approval;
8providing an effective date.
10Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:
12     Section 1.  Subsection (4) is added to section 468.604,
13Florida Statutes, to read:
14     468.604  Responsibilities of building code administrators,
15plans examiners, and inspectors.-
16     (4)  The Legislature finds that the electronic filing of
17construction plans will increase governmental efficiency, reduce
18costs, and increase timeliness of processing permits. If the
19building code administrator or building official provides for
20electronic filing, then construction plans, drawings,
21specifications, reports, final documents, or documents prepared
22or issued by a licensee may be dated and electronically signed
23and sealed by the licensee in accordance with ss. 668.001-
24668.006, and transmitted electronically to the building code
25administrator or building official for approval.
26     Section 2.  This act shall take effect July 1, 2012.

CODING: Words stricken are deletions; words underlined are additions.