HB 391

A bill to be entitled
2An act relating to the sale of motor fuel; amending s.
3526.121, F.S.; requiring retail service stations that
4charge different prices for cash sales and credit
5sales of motor fuel to display the respective price
6for each type of sale; providing an effective date.
8Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:
10     Section 1.  Section 526.121, Florida Statutes, is amended
11to read:
12     526.121  Pricing restrictions; separation of gasolines.-
13     (1)  The posting at retail service stations of a different
14price for the same grade of gasoline dispensed from one pump
15than from another pump supplied from a common storage at the
16same service station when represented to be and is sold as the
17same quality of gasoline is unlawful.
18     (2)(a)  This section does shall not be construed to
19prohibit a price differential between a cash sale and a credit
20sale of the same grade of gasoline or between self-service pumps
21and attendant-controlled pumps supplied from a common storage at
22the same service station.
23     (b)  However, if a station charges different prices for
24cash sales and credit sales, the respective price for each type
25of sale must be displayed on all signage displaying gasoline and
26motor fuel prices.
27     Section 2.  This act shall take effect July 1, 2012.

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