HB 441

A bill to be entitled
2An act relating to resident status for tuition
3purposes; amending s. 1009.21, F.S.; classifying as
4residents for tuition purposes certain dependent
5children who meet requirements relating to high school
6attendance, timely enrollment in an institution of
7higher education, and submission of the high school
8transcript; requiring the State Board of Education to
9adopt rules and the Board of Governors of the State
10University System to adopt regulations; providing an
11effective date.
13Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:
15     Section 1.  Paragraph (l) is added to subsection (10) of
16section 1009.21, Florida Statutes, and subsection (13) of that
17section is amended, to read:
18     1009.21  Determination of resident status for tuition
19purposes.-Students shall be classified as residents or
20nonresidents for the purpose of assessing tuition in
21postsecondary educational programs offered by charter technical
22career centers or career centers operated by school districts,
23in Florida College System institutions, and in state
25     (10)  The following persons shall be classified as
26residents for tuition purposes:
27     (l)  A dependent child who is a United States citizen, a
28lawful permanent resident, or a qualified legal alien whose
29parent is not a United States citizen, a lawful permanent
30resident, or a qualified legal alien and who attends a Florida
31high school for 4 consecutive years, enrolls in an institution
32of higher education within 12 months after graduating from a
33Florida high school, and submits to the institution of higher
34education his or her high school transcript prior to initial
35enrollment in the institution.
36     (13)  The State Board of Education shall adopt rules and
37the Board of Governors shall adopt regulations rules to
38implement this section.
39     Section 2.  This act shall take effect upon becoming a law.

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