Florida Senate - 2012                        COMMITTEE AMENDMENT
       Bill No. SB 922
                                Barcode 785530                          
                              LEGISLATIVE ACTION                        
                    Senate             .             House              
                  Comm: RCS            .                                
                  01/11/2012           .                                

       The Committee on Military Affairs, Space, and Domestic Security
       (Bennett) recommended the following:
    1         Senate Amendment to Amendment (710094) 
    3         Delete lines 18 - 79
    4  and insert:
    5         2. Who was hired by an eligible business on or after July
    6  1, 2012, and had not previously been employed by the eligible
    7  business or its parent or an affiliated corporation;
    8         3. Who performed duties connected to the operations of the
    9  eligible business on a regular, full-time basis for an average
   10  of at least 36 hours per week and for at least 3 months before
   11  an eligible business is awarded a tax credit; and
   12         4.Whose employment by the eligible business has not formed
   13  the basis for any other claim to a credit pursuant to this
   14  chapter.
   15         (2)A certified business shall receive a $10,000 tax credit
   16  for each qualified employee, subject to limitation in subsection
   17  (5). The credit may be taken against:
   18         (a) Corporate income taxes under chapter 220.
   19         (b)Insurance premium tax under s. 624.509.
   20         (c) Taxes on sales, use, and other transactions under
   21  chapter 212.
   22         (d) Intangible personal property taxes under chapter 199.
   23         (e) Excise taxes on documents under chapter 201.
   24         (f) Ad valorem taxes paid, as defined in s. 220.03(1).
   25         (g) State communications services taxes administered under
   26  chapter 202. This paragraph does not apply to the gross receipts
   27  tax imposed under chapter 203 and administered under chapter 202
   28  or the local communications services tax authorized under s.
   29  202.19.
   30         (3)(a)To become a certified business, an officer of an
   31  eligible business must file under oath with the Department of
   32  Economic Opportunity an application that includes:
   33         1.The name, address, and NAICS identifying code of the
   34  eligible business. As used in this subsection, “NAICS” means
   35  those classifications contained in the North American Industry
   36  Classification System, as published in 2007 by the Office of
   37  Management and Budget, Executive Office of the President.
   38         2.Relevant employment information.
   39         3. A sworn affidavit, signed by each employee for whom the
   40  eligible business is seeking credits under this section,
   41  attesting to his or her previous unemployment.
   42         4. Verification that the wages paid by the eligible
   43  business to each of its qualified employees exceeds the wage
   44  eligibility levels for Medicaid and other public assistance
   45  programs.
   46         5.Any other information necessary to process the
   47  application.
   48         (b)The Department of Economic Opportunity shall process
   49  applications to certify a business in the order in which the
   50  applications are received, without regard as to whether the
   51  applicant is a new or an existing business. The department shall
   52  review and approve or deny an application within 10 days after
   53  receiving a completed application. The department shall notify
   54  the applicant in writing as to the department’s decision.
   55         (c)1.The department shall submit a copy of the letter of
   56  certification to the Department of Revenue within 10 days after
   57  the department issues the letter of certification to the
   58  applicant.
   59         2.If the application of an eligible business is not
   60  sufficient to certify the applicant business, the department
   61  must deny the application and issue a notice of denial to the
   62  applicant.
   63         3. If the application of an eligible business does not
   64  contain sufficient documentation of the number of qualified
   65  employees, the department shall approve the application with
   66  respect to the employees for whom the department determines are
   67  qualified employees. The department must deny the application