Florida Senate - 2014                          SENATOR AMENDMENT
       Bill No. HB 5601
                              LEGISLATIVE ACTION                        
                    Senate             .             House              
                Floor: 2a/F/2R         .                                
             05/01/2014 03:31 PM       .                                

       Senator Diaz de la Portilla moved the following:
    1         Senate Amendment to Substitute Amendment (526842) (with
    2  title amendment)
    4         Between lines 1385 and 1386
    5  insert:
    6         Section 26. The governing body of a municipality that
    7  created a downtown development authority and was authorized to
    8  levy an additional ad valorem tax under chapter 65-1090, Laws of
    9  Florida, for which ad valorem taxing authority was continued by
   10  the emplacement of such authority in the local ordinances of all
   11  affected municipalities by chapter 71-29, Laws of Florida, and
   12  that was not repealed by the Legislature, so that all ordinances
   13  enacted and operating under chapters 65-1090 and 71-29, Laws of
   14  Florida, were, are, and continue exercising such valid ad
   15  valorem taxing authority, may continue to levy such additional
   16  ad valorem tax on all real and personal property in the downtown
   17  district of up to 0.5 mills for the purpose of financing the
   18  operation of the authority. The levy of the ad valorem tax is in
   19  addition to regular ad valorem taxes and special assessments for
   20  improvements imposed by the governing body of the municipality;
   21  however, the combined levy may not exceed the maximum millage
   22  authorized for municipal purposes under s. 9(b), Article VII of
   23  the State Constitution.
   25  ================= T I T L E  A M E N D M E N T ================
   26  And the title is amended as follows:
   27         Delete line 1487
   28  and insert:
   29         appropriations; authorizing certain municipalities to
   30         continue levying an additional ad valorem tax to
   31         finance the operation of a downtown development
   32         authority; providing that the tax is in addition to
   33         regular ad valorem taxes and assessments imposed by
   34         the municipality; prohibiting the combined taxes and
   35         assessments of the municipality from exceeding a
   36         specified millage; providing effective dates.