Florida Senate - 2014                          SENATOR AMENDMENT
       Bill No. CS/CS/CS/HB 573, 2nd Eng.
                              LEGISLATIVE ACTION                        
                    Senate             .             House              
                Floor: 1/AD/2R         .                                
             05/01/2014 02:17 PM       .                                

       Senator Bean moved the following:
    1         Senate Amendment (with title amendment)
    3         Between lines 2694 and 2695
    4  insert:
    5         Section 48. Paragraph (b) of subsection (2) of section
    6  288.0001, Florida Statutes, is amended to read:
    7         288.0001 Economic Development Programs Evaluation.—The
    8  Office of Economic and Demographic Research and the Office of
    9  Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability (OPPAGA)
   10  shall develop and present to the Governor, the President of the
   11  Senate, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and the
   12  chairs of the legislative appropriations committees the Economic
   13  Development Programs Evaluation.
   14         (2) The Office of Economic and Demographic Research and
   15  OPPAGA shall provide a detailed analysis of economic development
   16  programs as provided in the following schedule:
   17         (b) By January 1, 2015, and every 3 years thereafter, an
   18  analysis of the following:
   19         1. The entertainment industry financial incentive program
   20  established under s. 288.1254.
   21         2. The entertainment industry sales tax exemption program
   22  established under s. 288.1258.
   23         3. VISIT Florida and its programs established or funded
   24  under ss. 288.122, 288.1226, 288.12265, and 288.124, and
   25  288.924.
   26         4. The Florida Sports Foundation and related programs
   27  established under ss. 288.1162, 288.11621, 288.1166, 288.1167,
   28  288.1168, 288.1169, and 288.1171.
   29         Section 49. Subsection (2) of section 288.901, Florida
   30  Statutes, is amended to read:
   31         288.901 Enterprise Florida, Inc.—
   32         (2) PURPOSES.—Enterprise Florida, Inc., shall act as the
   33  economic development organization for the state, using utilizing
   34  private sector and public sector expertise in collaboration with
   35  the department to:
   36         (a) Increase private investment in Florida;
   37         (b) Advance international and domestic trade opportunities;
   38         (c) Market the state both as a probusiness location for new
   39  investment and as an unparalleled tourist destination;
   40         (d) Revitalize Florida’s space and aerospace industries,
   41  and promote emerging complementary industries;
   42         (e) Promote opportunities for minority-owned businesses;
   43         (f) Assist and market professional and amateur sport teams
   44  and sporting events in Florida; and
   45         (g) Assist, promote, and enhance economic opportunities in
   46  this state’s rural and urban communities; and
   47         (h)Market the state as a health care destination by using
   48  the medical tourism initiatives as described in s. 288.924 to
   49  promote quality health care services in this state.
   50         Section 50. Paragraph (c) of subsection (4) of section
   51  288.923, Florida Statutes, is amended to read:
   52         288.923 Division of Tourism Marketing; definitions;
   53  responsibilities.—
   54         (4) The division’s responsibilities and duties include, but
   55  are not limited to:
   56         (c) Developing a 4-year marketing plan.
   57         1. At a minimum, the marketing plan shall discuss the
   58  following:
   59         a. Continuation of overall tourism growth in this state.
   60         b. Expansion to new or under-represented tourist markets.
   61         c. Maintenance of traditional and loyal tourist markets.
   62         d. Coordination of efforts with county destination
   63  marketing organizations, other local government marketing
   64  groups, privately owned attractions and destinations, and other
   65  private sector partners to create a seamless, four-season
   66  advertising campaign for the state and its regions.
   67         e. Development of innovative techniques or promotions to
   68  build repeat visitation by targeted segments of the tourist
   69  population.
   70         f. Consideration of innovative sources of state funding for
   71  tourism marketing.
   72         g. Promotion of nature-based tourism and heritage tourism.
   73         h. Promotion of medical tourism, as provided under s.
   74  288.924.
   75         i.h. Development of a component to address emergency
   76  response to natural and manmade disasters from a marketing
   77  standpoint.
   78         2. The plan shall be annual in construction and ongoing in
   79  nature. Any annual revisions of the plan shall carry forward the
   80  concepts of the remaining 3-year portion of the plan and
   81  consider a continuum portion to preserve the 4-year timeframe of
   82  the plan. The plan also shall include recommendations for
   83  specific performance standards and measurable outcomes for the
   84  division and direct-support organization. The department, in
   85  consultation with the board of directors of Enterprise Florida,
   86  Inc., shall base the actual performance metrics on these
   87  recommendations.
   88         3. The 4-year marketing plan shall be developed in
   89  collaboration with the Florida Tourism Industry Marketing
   90  Corporation. The plan shall be annually reviewed and approved by
   91  the board of directors of Enterprise Florida, Inc.
   92         Section 51. Section 288.924, Florida Statutes, is created
   93  to read:
   94         288.924 Medical tourism.—
   95         (1) MEDICAL TOURISM MARKETING PLAN.—The Division of Tourism
   96  Marketing shall include within the 4-year marketing plan
   97  required under s. 288.923(4)(c) specific initiatives to advance
   98  this state as a destination for quality health care services.
   99  The plan must:
  100         (a) Promote national and international awareness of the
  101  qualifications, scope of services, and specialized expertise of
  102  health care providers throughout this state;
  103         (b) Promote national and international awareness of
  104  medical-related conferences, training, or other business
  105  opportunities to attract practitioners from the medical field to
  106  destinations in this state; and
  107         (c) Include an initiative that showcases selected,
  108  qualified providers offering bundled packages of health care and
  109  support services for defined care episodes. The selection of
  110  providers to be showcased must be conducted through a
  111  solicitation of proposals from Florida hospitals and other
  112  licensed providers for plans that describe available services,
  113  provider qualifications, and special arrangements for food,
  114  lodging, transportation, or other support services and amenities
  115  that may be provided to visiting patients and their families. A
  116  single health care provider may submit a proposal describing the
  117  available health care services that will be offered through a
  118  network of multiple providers and explaining any support
  119  services or other amenities associated with the care episode.
  120  The Florida Tourism Industry Marketing Corporation shall assess
  121  the qualifications and credentials of providers submitting
  122  proposals. To the extent funding is available, all qualified
  123  providers shall be selected to be showcased in the initiative.
  124  To be qualified, a health care provider must:
  125         1.Have a full, active, and unencumbered Florida license
  126  and ensure that all health care providers participating in the
  127  proposal have full, active, and unencumbered Florida licenses;
  128         2.Have a current accreditation that is not conditional or
  129  provisional from a nationally recognized accrediting body;
  130         3.Be recognized as a Cancer Center of Excellence under s.
  131  381.925 or have a current national or international recognition
  132  in another specialty area, if such recognition is given through
  133  a specific qualifying process; and
  134         4.Meet other criteria as determined by the Florida Tourism
  135  Industry Marketing Corporation in collaboration with the Agency
  136  for Health Care Administration and the Department of Health.
  137         (2)ALLOCATION OF FUNDS FOR MARKETING PLAN.—Annually, at
  138  least $3.5 million of the funds appropriated in the General
  139  Appropriations Act to the Florida Tourism Industry Marketing
  140  Corporation shall be allocated for the development and
  141  implementation of the medical tourism marketing plan.
  142         (3)MEDICAL TOURISM MATCHING GRANTS.—The Florida Tourism
  143  Industry Marketing Corporation shall create a matching grant
  144  program to provide funding to local or regional economic
  145  development organizations for targeted medical tourism marketing
  146  initiatives. The initiatives must promote and advance Florida as
  147  a destination for quality health care services. Selection of
  148  recipients of a matching grant shall be based on the following
  149  criteria:
  150         (a)The providers involved in the local initiative must
  151  meet the criteria specified in subsection (1).
  152         (b)The local or regional economic development organization
  153  must demonstrate an ability to involve a variety of businesses
  154  in a collaborative effort to welcome and support patients and
  155  their families who travel to this state to obtain medical
  156  services.
  157         (c)The cash or in-kind services available from the local
  158  or regional economic development organization must be at least
  159  equal to the amount of available state financial support.
  160         (4)ALLOCATION OF FUNDS FOR MATCHING GRANTS.—Annually, at
  161  least $1.5 million of the funds appropriated in the General
  162  Appropriations Act to the Florida Tourism Industry Marketing
  163  Corporation shall be allocated for the matching grant program.
  166  ================= T I T L E  A M E N D M E N T ================
  167  And the title is amended as follows:
  168         Delete line 292
  169  and insert:
  170         home health agencies; amending s. 288.0001, F.S.;
  171         requiring an analysis of medical tourism in the
  172         Economic Development Programs Evaluation; amending s.
  173         288.901, F.S.; requiring Enterprise Florida, Inc., to
  174         collaborate with the Department of Economic
  175         Opportunity to market this state as a health care
  176         destination; amending s. 288.923, F.S.; requiring the
  177         Division of Tourism Marketing to include in its 4-year
  178         plan a discussion of the promotion of medical tourism;
  179         creating s. 288.924, F.S.; requiring the plan to
  180         promote national and international awareness of the
  181         qualifications, scope of services, and specialized
  182         expertise of health care providers in this state, to
  183         promote national and international awareness of
  184         certain business opportunities to attract
  185         practitioners to destinations in this state, and to
  186         include an initiative to showcase qualified health
  187         care providers; requiring a specified amount of funds
  188         appropriated to the Florida Tourism Industry Marketing
  189         Corporation to be allocated for the medical tourism
  190         marketing plan; requiring the Florida Tourism Industry
  191         Marketing Corporation to create a matching grant
  192         program; specifying criteria for the grant program;
  193         requiring that a specified amount of funds
  194         appropriated to the Florida Tourism Industry Marketing
  195         Corporation be allocated for the grant program;
  196         providing effective dates.