Florida Senate - 2014                          SENATOR AMENDMENT
       Bill No. CS for CS for SB 850
                              LEGISLATIVE ACTION                        
                    Senate             .             House              
                Floor: 1/AD/2R         .                                
             04/11/2014 01:02 PM       .                                

    1         Senate Amendment (with title amendment)
    3         Delete lines 656 - 719
    4  and insert:
    5  board to establish the program. Each district school board must
    6  execute the contract with the local Florida College System
    7  institution under this section. The contract must be executed by
    8  January 1 of each school year for implementation of the program
    9  during the next school year. The contract must:
   10  	(a) Identify the grade levels to be included in the
   11  collegiate high school program which must, at a minimum, include
   12  grade 12.
   13  	(b) Describe the collegiate high school program, including
   14  the delineation of courses and industry certifications offered,
   15  including online course availability; the high school and
   16  college credits earned for each postsecondary course completed
   17  and industry certification earned; student eligibility criteria;
   18  and the enrollment process and relevant deadlines.
   19  	(c) Describe the methods, medium, and process by which
   20  students and their parents are annually informed about the
   21  availability of the collegiate high school program, the return
   22  on investment associated with participation in the program, and
   23  the information described in paragraphs (a) and (b).
   24  	(d) Identify the delivery methods for instruction and the
   25  instructors for all courses.
   26  	(e) Identify student advising services and progress
   27  monitoring mechanisms.
   28  	(f) Establish a program review and reporting mechanism
   29  regarding student performance outcomes.
   30         (g) Describe the terms of funding arrangements to implement
   31  the collegiate high school program.
   32         (4) Each student participating in a collegiate high school
   33  program must enter into a student performance contract which
   34  must be signed by the student, the parent, and a representative
   35  of the school district and the applicable Florida College System
   36  institution, state university, or other institution
   37  participating pursuant to subsection (7). The performance
   38  contract must include the schedule of courses, by semester, and
   39  industry certifications to be taken by the student, student
   40  attendance requirements, and course grade requirements.
   41         (5)Each student in grade 11 or grade 12 who enrolls in the
   42  collegiate high school program and successfully completes 30
   43  credit hours through the dual enrollment program under s.
   44  1007.271 toward general education courses or common
   45  prerequisites pursuant to s. 1007.25, generates a 1.0 full-time
   46  equivalent (FTE) bonus. The total FTE bonus for each collegiate
   47  high school program shall be reported by each district school
   48  board that is a contractual partner with a Florida College
   49  System institution for the students from that district school
   50  board. The total FTE bonus shall be added to each school
   51  district’s total weighted FTE for funding in the subsequent
   52  fiscal year. Funds shall be distributed pursuant to the
   53  collegiate high school program contract.
   54         (6)Beginning with the 2015-2016 fiscal year, for the
   55  purpose of funding or receiving the standard tuition rate per
   56  credit hour under s. 1007.271 from funds provided in the Florida
   57  Education Finance Program or the Florida College System Program
   58  Fund, a Florida College System institution may not report a
   59  student enrolled in a dual enrollment course at the Florida
   60  College System institution unless the institution establishes a
   61  collegiate high school program.
   62         (7)In addition to executing a contract with the local
   63  Florida College System institution under this section, a
   64  district school board may execute a contract to establish a
   65  collegiate high school program with a state university or an
   66  institution that is eligible to participate in the William L.
   67  Boyd, IV, Florida Resident Access Grant Program, that is a
   68  nonprofit independent college or university located and
   69  chartered in this state, and that is accredited by the
   70  Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges
   71  and Schools to grant baccalaureate degrees. Such university or
   72  institution must meet the requirements specified under
   73  subsections (3) and (4).
   75  ================= T I T L E  A M E N D M E N T ================
   76  And the title is amended as follows:
   77         Delete lines 69 - 102
   78  and insert:
   79         requiring each district school board to execute the
   80         contract with the local Florida College System
   81         institution; requiring the contract to be executed by
   82         a specified date for the purpose of implementation;
   83         specifying information that must be included in the
   84         contract; specifying requirements for student
   85         performance contracts for students participating in
   86         the collegiate high school program; providing the
   87         calculation for funding the collegiate high school
   88         program; prohibiting a Florida College System
   89         institution from reporting certain funds for purposes
   90         of funding or receiving the standard tuition rate per
   91         credit hour for a student enrolled in a dual
   92         enrollment course at the institution unless the
   93         institution establishes a collegiate high school
   94         program; authorizing district school boards to execute
   95         a contract with a state university or certain
   96         independent colleges and universities to establish the
   97         collegiate high school program; amending s. 1008.44,
   98         F.S.;