Florida Senate - 2014                        COMMITTEE AMENDMENT
       Bill No. SB 968
                              LEGISLATIVE ACTION                        
                    Senate             .             House              
                  Comm: RCS            .                                
                  03/10/2014           .                                

    1         Senate Amendment (with title amendment)
    3         Delete lines 127 - 245
    4  and insert:
    5  principal may designate an employee of that school or a
    6  volunteer to carry a concealed weapon or firearm on school
    7  property, and a district school superintendent may designate an
    8  employee of the school district or a volunteer to carry a
    9  concealed weapon or firearm in an administrative building of the
   10  school district.
   11         (a) A designee authorized under this subsection to carry a
   12  concealed weapon or firearm on such school property may only
   13  carry such weapon or firearm in a concealed manner.
   14         1. The weapon or firearm must be carried on the designee’s
   15  person at all times while the designee is performing his or her
   16  official school duties.
   17         2. The designee must submit to the authorizing principal or
   18  superintendent proof of completion of a minimum of 40 hours of a
   19  school safety program and annually complete 8 hours of active
   20  shooting training and 4 hours of firearm proficiency training as
   21  such training programs are established by the Criminal Justice
   22  Standards and Training Commission. The training programs shall
   23  be administered by the Criminal Justice Training Centers. In
   24  addition, the Criminal Justice Training Centers shall certify
   25  and remit proof of completion of the trainings as prescribed by
   26  the Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission.
   27         (b) In order to be eligible for appointment as a designee
   28  under this subsection, a person must be:
   29         1. A military veteran who was honorably discharged and who
   30  has not been found to have committed a firearms-related
   31  disciplinary infraction during his or her service;
   32         2. An active duty member of the military, the National
   33  Guard, or the military reserves who has not been found to have
   34  committed a firearms-related disciplinary infraction during his
   35  or her service; or
   36         3. A law enforcement officer or a former law enforcement
   37  officer who has retired or has terminated employment in good
   38  standing and did not retire or terminate during the course of an
   39  internal affairs investigation of which he or she was the
   40  subject.
   41         (c) Each public or private school principal or
   42  superintendent may designate one or more designees who have
   43  provided proof of completion of the school safety program and
   44  training as required under subparagraph (a)2. The school
   45  principal or superintendent may require a designee to complete
   46  additional screening pursuant to this subsection.
   47         (6)(4) Notwithstanding s. 985.24, s. 985.245, or s.
   48  985.25(1), a any minor younger than under 18 years of age who is
   49  charged under this section with possessing or discharging a
   50  firearm on school property shall be detained in secure
   51  detention, unless the state attorney authorizes the release of
   52  the minor, and shall be given a probable cause hearing within 24
   53  hours after being taken into custody. At the hearing, the court
   54  may order that the minor continue to be held in secure detention
   55  for a period of 21 days, during which time the minor shall
   56  receive medical, psychiatric, psychological, or substance abuse
   57  examinations pursuant to s. 985.18, and a written report shall
   58  be completed.
   59         Section 3. Subsections (4) and (6) of section 1006.07,
   60  Florida Statutes, are amended, and subsection (7) is added to
   61  that section, to read:
   62         1006.07 District school board duties relating to student
   63  discipline and school safety.—The district school board shall
   64  provide for the proper accounting for all students, for the
   65  attendance and control of students at school, and for proper
   66  attention to health, safety, and other matters relating to the
   67  welfare of students, including:
   69         (a) Formulate and prescribe policies and procedures for
   70  emergency drills and for actual emergencies, including, but not
   71  limited to, fires, natural disasters, active shooters, hostage
   72  situations, and bomb threats, for all the public schools of the
   73  district which comprise grades K-12. District school board
   74  policies shall include commonly used alarm system responses for
   75  specific types of emergencies and verification by each school
   76  that drills have been provided as required by law and fire
   77  protection codes. The emergency response agency that is
   78  responsible for notifying the school district for each type of
   79  emergency must be listed in the district’s emergency response
   80  policy.
   81         (b) Establish model emergency management and emergency
   82  preparedness procedures, including emergency notification
   83  procedures pursuant to paragraph (a), for the following life
   84  threatening emergencies:
   85         1. Weapon-use, and hostage, and active-shooter situations.
   86  The active-shooter situation training for each school must be
   87  conducted by an accredited law enforcement academy.
   88         2. Hazardous materials or toxic chemical spills.
   89         3. Weather emergencies, including hurricanes, tornadoes,
   90  and severe storms.
   91         4. Exposure as a result of a manmade emergency.
   92         (6) SAFETY AND SECURITY BEST PRACTICES.—Use the Safety and
   93  Security Best Practices developed by the Office of Program
   94  Policy Analysis and Government Accountability to conduct a self
   95  assessment of the school districts’ current safety and security
   96  practices. Based on these self-assessment findings, the district
   97  school superintendent shall provide recommendations to the
   98  district school board and local law enforcement agencies that
   99  are first responders for the district campuses which identify
  100  strategies and activities that the district school board should
  101  implement in order to improve school safety and security.
  102  Annually each district school board must receive the self
  103  assessment results at a publicly noticed district school board
  104  meeting to provide the public an opportunity to hear the
  105  district school board members discuss and take action on the
  106  report findings. Each district school superintendent shall
  107  report the self-assessment results and school board action to
  108  the commissioner within 30 days after the district school board
  109  meeting.
  111  school board or a private school principal must allow for a
  112  campus tour by the law enforcement agencies designated as the
  113  first responders for the district campuses or private school
  114  campus once every 3 years. Any change recommended by the law
  115  enforcement agency must be documented by the district school
  116  board or the acting principal or governing board of a private
  117  school.
  118         Section 4. Paragraphs (b) and (c) of subsection (2) of
  119  section 1006.12, Florida Statutes, are amended to read:
  120         1006.12 School resource officers and school safety
  121  officers.—
  122         (2)
  123         (b) A district school board may commission one or more
  124  school safety officers for the protection and safety of school
  125  personnel, property, and students on each school campus within
  126  the school district. The district school superintendent may
  127  recommend and the district school board may appoint the one or
  128  more school safety officers.
  129         (c) A school safety officer has and shall exercise the
  130  power to make arrests for violations of law on district school
  131  board property and to arrest persons, whether on or off such
  132  property, who violate any law on such property under the same
  133  conditions that deputy sheriffs are authorized to make arrests.
  134  A school safety officer has the authority to carry weapons,
  135  including a firearm, when performing his or her official duties.
  137  ================= T I T L E  A M E N D M E N T ================
  138  And the title is amended as follows:
  139         Delete lines 13 - 22
  140  and insert:
  141         shooter training for each school be conducted by an
  142         accredited law enforcement academy; requiring a
  143         district school board or private school principal to
  144         allow for campus tours by local law enforcement
  145         agencies once every 3 years; requiring that
  146         recommended changes be documented; amending s.
  147         1006.12, F.S.; authorizing district school boards to
  148         commission one or more school safety officers on each
  149         school campus; conforming a provision to changes made
  150         by the act; amending ss. 435.04, 790.251, 921.0022,