Florida Senate - 2015                        COMMITTEE AMENDMENT
       Bill No. PCS (123970) for SB 1214
                              LEGISLATIVE ACTION                        
                    Senate             .             House              
                   Comm: WD            .                                
                  04/22/2015           .                                

       The Committee on Appropriations (Lee) recommended the following:
    1         Senate Amendment to Amendment (160810) (with title
    2  amendment)
    4         Delete lines 79 - 104.
    5         Delete lines 237 - 243.
    6         Delete lines 1503 - 3239.
    7         Delete lines 3269 - 3282.
    8         Delete lines 4033 - 4043.
   10  ================= T I T L E  A M E N D M E N T ================
   11  And the title is amended as follows:
   12         Delete lines 4116 - 4540
   13  and insert:
   14         and 212.20, F.S.; conforming cross-references;
   15         amending s. 220.191, F.S.; redefining the term
   16         “cumulative capital investment”; amending s. 288.0001,
   17         F.S.; conforming a cross-reference; requiring the
   18         Office of Economic and Demographic Research and the
   19         Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government
   20         Accountability to provide a detailed analysis of the
   21         retention of Major League Baseball spring training
   22         baseball franchises; amending s. 288.005, F.S.;
   23         redefining the term “economic benefits”; amending s.
   24         288.061, F.S.; requiring the Department of Economic
   25         Opportunity to prescribe a specified application form;
   26         requiring the incentive application to include
   27         specified information; requiring the Office of
   28         Economic and Demographic Research to include
   29         guidelines for the appropriate application of the
   30         department’s internal model in the establishment of
   31         the methodology and model it will use to calculate
   32         economic benefits; requiring that if the Office of
   33         Economic and Demographic Research develops an amended
   34         definition of the term “economic benefits,” it must
   35         reflect a specified requirement; prohibiting the
   36         department from attributing to the business any
   37         capital investment made by a business using state
   38         funds; requiring that the evaluation account for all
   39         capital investment relating to the project; requiring
   40         the department’s evaluation of the application to
   41         include specified information; requiring the
   42         department to recommend to the Governor approval or
   43         disapproval of a project that will receive funds from
   44         specified programs; requiring the department, in
   45         recommending a project, to include justification for
   46         the project and proposed performance conditions that
   47         the project must meet to obtain incentive funds;
   48         authorizing the Governor to approve a project without
   49         consulting the Legislature if the requested funding is
   50         less than a specified amount; requiring the Governor
   51         to provide a written description and evaluation of the
   52         project to specified persons during a specified
   53         timeframe; requiring the recommendation to include
   54         proposed payment and performance conditions that the
   55         project must meet in order to obtain incentive funds
   56         and to avoid sanctions; requiring the Governor to
   57         instruct the department to immediately suspend an
   58         action or proposed action until the Legislative Budget
   59         Commission or the Legislature makes a determination on
   60         the project in certain circumstances; requiring a
   61         project that exceeds a specified amount of funding to
   62         be approved by the Legislative Budget Commission
   63         before final approval by the Governor; requiring a
   64         project that exceeds a specified amount of funding and
   65         that provides a waiver of program requirements to be
   66         approved by the Legislative Budget Commission before
   67         final approval by the Governor; providing that a
   68         project is deemed approved by the Legislative Budget
   69         Commission in certain circumstances; requiring the
   70         department to issue a letter certifying the applicant
   71         as qualified for an award upon approval; specifying
   72         the authorized funding sources related to the term
   73         “project”; requiring the department and the applicant
   74         to enter into an agreement or contract upon
   75         certification; requiring the agreement or contract to
   76         require that the applicant use the workforce
   77         information systems in certain circumstances;
   78         requiring any agreement or contract that requires
   79         capital investment to be made by the business to also
   80         require that such investment remain in the state for
   81         the duration of the agreement or contract; prohibiting
   82         an agreement or contract from having a term of longer
   83         than 10 years; authorizing the department to enter
   84         into a successive agreement or contract for a
   85         specified project under certain circumstances;
   86         providing applicability; requiring the department to
   87         provide notice, with a written description and
   88         evaluation, to the Legislature of any proposed
   89         amendments to an agreement or contract; requiring the
   90         department to provide notice of the proposed change to
   91         specified persons in order to provide an opportunity
   92         for review; providing that a proposed amendment to an
   93         agreement or contract which reduces projected economic
   94         benefits calculated at the time the agreement or
   95         contract was executed by a specified amount or more or
   96         that results in an economic benefit ratio below a
   97         specified level, or if already below the specified
   98         level, by a specified amount, is subject to specified
   99         notice and objection procedures; requiring the
  100         Governor to instruct the department to immediately
  101         suspend an action or proposed action until the
  102         Legislative Budget Commission or Legislature makes a
  103         determination on the project in certain circumstances;
  104         authorizing the department to execute specified
  105         contracts and agreements from current or future fiscal
  106         year appropriations for specified incentive programs;
  107         prohibiting the total amount of actual or projected
  108         funds approved for a specified payment by the
  109         department from exceeding a specified amount in any
  110         fiscal year for certain programs; providing that the
  111         specified funding limitation may only be waived by the
  112         Legislature in the General Appropriations Act or other
  113         legislation; requiring the department to provide
  114         specified notice to the Legislature upon the final
  115         execution of each contract or agreement; requiring the
  116         department to provide to the Legislature a list of
  117         projected payments for the following fiscal year and a
  118         list of claims actually filed for payment in the
  119         following fiscal year by specified dates; prohibiting
  120         the department from making a scheduled payment under a
  121         contract or agreement for a given fiscal year until
  122         the department has validated that the applicant has
  123         met the performance requirements of the contract or
  124         agreement; providing for reversion of specified funds
  125         that are unexpended by a specified date in a fiscal
  126         year; prohibiting the transfer of such reverted funds
  127         to an escrow account; requiring the Legislature to
  128         annually appropriate in the General Appropriations Act
  129         an amount estimated to sufficiently satisfy scheduled
  130         payments in a fiscal year; requiring the department to
  131         pay unfunded claims if the amount appropriated by the
  132         Legislature proves insufficient to satisfy the
  133         scheduled payments in a fiscal year; requiring the
  134         department to notify the legislative appropriations
  135         committees of any anticipated shortfall for the
  136         current fiscal year and of the amount it estimates
  137         will be needed to pay claims during the next fiscal
  138         year; amending s. 288.095, F.S.; providing that moneys
  139         credited to the Economic Development Trust Fund
  140         consist of specified funds; restricting the use of
  141         moneys in the Economic Development Incentives Account;
  142         providing that any balance in the account at the end
  143         of the fiscal year remains in the account and is
  144         available for carrying out the purposes of the
  145         account; amending s. 288.1045, F.S.; revising the term
  146         “average wage in the area” to “average private sector
  147         wage in the area”; conforming provisions to changes
  148         made by the act; prohibiting the department from
  149         certifying any applicant as a qualified applicant in
  150         certain circumstances; increasing the number of days
  151         the department may extend the filing date; extending
  152         the future expiration of an applicant for a tax
  153         refund; requiring the department to verify taxes paid;
  154         amending s. 288.106, F.S.; conforming provisions to
  155         changes made by the act; revising terms; increasing
  156         the number of days the department may extend the
  157         filing date; revising the limitations on the average
  158         private sector wage paid by the business; amending s.
  159         288.107, F.S.; revising the term “eligible business”;
  160         defining the term “fixed capital investment”;
  161         conforming provisions to changes made by the act;
  162         amending s. 288.108, F.S.; conforming provisions to
  163         changes made by the act; amending s. 288.1088, F.S.;
  164         revising the requirements for projects eligible for
  165         receipt of funds from the Quick Action Closing Fund;
  166         conforming provisions to changes made by the act;
  167         defining the term “average private sector wage in the
  168         area”; requiring a specified request to be transmitted
  169         in writing to the department with an explanation of
  170         the specific justification for the request; requiring
  171         a decision to be stated in writing with an explanation
  172         of the reason for approving the request if the
  173         department approves the request; prohibiting the
  174         department from waiving more than a specified amount
  175         of criteria; revising the information that the
  176         department must include in an evaluation of an
  177         individual proposal for high-impact business
  178         facilities; prohibiting the payment of moneys from the
  179         fund to a business until the scheduled goals have been
  180         achieved; revising the information that must be
  181         included in a contract that sets forth the conditions
  182         for payments of moneys from the fund; creating s.
  183         288.10881, F.S.; creating the Quick Action Closing
  184         Fund Escrow Account within the State Board of
  185         Administration; providing the composition of the
  186         escrow account; restricting the usage of moneys in the
  187         escrow account to specified payments; requiring the
  188         State Board of Administration to transfer specified
  189         funds to the department for deposit in the State
  190         Economic Enhancement and Development Trust Fund in
  191         certain circumstances; requiring the establishment of
  192         a continuing appropriation category; requiring
  193         specified funds to be returned to the department for
  194         deposit in the State Economic Enhancement and
  195         Development Trust Funds within a specified period;
  196         requiring funds in the escrow account to be managed
  197         under specified investment practices; requiring that
  198         the funds be made available to make specified
  199         payments; requiring the State Board of Administration
  200         to transfer interest earnings on a quarterly basis to
  201         the department for deposit in the State Economic
  202         Enhancement and Development Trust Fund; authorizing
  203         specified funds to be used to fund specified marketing
  204         activities of Enterprise Florida, Inc.; amending s.
  205         288.1089, F.S.; conforming provisions to changes made
  206         by the act; amending s. 288.1097, F.S.; authorizing a
  207         qualified job training organization to participate in
  208         a self-insurance fund; providing that a qualified job
  209         training organization is not subject to specified
  210         requirements; amending s. 288.1168, F.S.; requiring
  211         the Department of Economic Opportunity to recertify
  212         the professional golf hall of fame facility annually;
  213         requiring the PGA Tour, Inc., to increase funding if
  214         the facility does not meet minimum projections;
  215         requiring advertising to be done in consultation with
  216         the Florida Tourism Industry Marketing Corporation;
  217         providing for decertification of the facility under
  218         certain circumstances; repealing s. 288.1169, F.S.,
  219         relating to state agency funding of the International
  220         Game Fish Association World Center facility; amending
  221         s. 288.1201, F.S.; conforming provisions to changes
  222         made by the act; amending s. 288.901, F.S.; revising
  223         expertise requirements of members of the board of
  224         directors of Enterprise Florida, Inc.; amending s.
  225         288.905, F.S.; prohibiting a former president of
  226         Enterprise Florida, Inc., from receiving compensation
  227         for personally representing a specified entity before
  228         the legislative or executive branch of state
  229         government; providing applicability; amending s.
  230         288.9622, F.S.; revising legislative intent; amending
  231         s. 288.9624, F.S.; specifying additional investment
  232         sectors for the Florida Opportunity Fund; amending s.
  233         288.980, F.S.; removing the requirement that an
  234         applicant to the Defense Infrastructure Grant Program
  235         provide matching funds of a certain amount; requiring
  236         the department to administer the program; expanding
  237         eligibility for the program; defining the term
  238         “technological competitiveness activities”; amending
  239         s. 288.9937, F.S.; requiring the Office of Program
  240         Policy Analysis and Government Accountability to
  241         analyze and evaluate certain programs for a specified
  242         period; requiring the Office of Economic and
  243         Demographic Research to determine the economic
  244         benefits of certain programs; requiring the Office of
  245         Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability
  246         to identify inefficiencies in certain programs and to
  247         recommend changes to such programs; revising the date
  248         by which each office must submit a report to certain
  249         persons; amending s. 420.5087, F.S.; revising the
  250         reservation of funds within each notice of fund
  251         availability to specified tenant groups; creating s.
  252         420.57, F.S.; providing legislative intent; defining
  253         terms; authorizing the Florida Housing Finance
  254         Corporation to provide low-interest loans for
  255         construction or rehabilitation of workforce housing in
  256         the Florida Keys Area of Critical State Concern,
  257         subject to certain requirements; requiring the
  258         corporation to select projects for funding by
  259         competitive solicitation, including consideration of
  260         certain factors; specifying factors all eligible
  261         applications must demonstrate; specifying factors for
  262         priority consideration for funding for projects;
  263         authorizing the corporation to adopt rules for certain
  264         purposes; authorizing the corporation to use a maximum
  265         of 2 percent of any funds appropriated for the program
  266         for costs of administration; amending s. 420.622,
  267         F.S.; requiring that the State Office on Homelessness
  268         coordinate among certain agencies and providers to
  269         produce a statewide consolidated inventory for the
  270         state’s entire system of homeless programs which
  271         incorporates regionally developed plans; directing the
  272         State Office on Homelessness to create a task force to
  273         make recommendations regarding the implementation of a
  274         statewide Homeless Management Information System
  275         (HMIS) subject to certain requirements; requiring the
  276         task force to include in its recommendations the
  277         development of a statewide, centralized coordinated
  278         assessment system; requiring the task force to submit
  279         a report to the Council on Homelessness by a specified
  280         date; deleting the requirement that the Council on
  281         Homelessness explore the potential of creating a
  282         statewide Management Information System and encourage
  283         future participation of certain award or grant
  284         recipients; requiring the State Office on Homelessness
  285         to accept and administer moneys appropriated to it to
  286         provide annual Challenge Grants to certain lead
  287         agencies of homeless assistance continuums of care;
  288         removing the requirement that levels of grant awards
  289         be based upon the total population within the
  290         continuum of care catchment area and reflect the
  291         differing degrees of homelessness in the respective
  292         areas; allowing expenditures of leveraged funds or
  293         resources only for eligible activities subject to
  294         certain requirements; providing that preference for a
  295         grant award must be given to those lead agencies that
  296         have demonstrated the ability to leverage specified
  297         federal homeless-assistance funding, as well as
  298         private funding, for the provision of services to
  299         homeless persons; revising preference conditions
  300         relating to grant applicants; requiring the State
  301         Office on Homelessness, in conjunction with the
  302         Council on Homelessness, to establish specific
  303         objectives by which it may evaluate the outcomes of
  304         certain lead agencies; requiring that any funding
  305         through the State Office on Homelessness be
  306         distributed to lead agencies based on their
  307         performance and achievement of specified objectives;
  308         revising the factors that may be included as criteria
  309         for evaluating the performance of lead agencies;
  310         amending s. 420.624, F.S.; revising requirements for
  311         the local homeless assistance continuum of care plan;
  312         providing that the components of a continuum of care
  313         plan should include Rapid ReHousing; requiring that
  314         specified components of a continuum of care plan be
  315         coordinated and integrated with other specified
  316         services and programs; creating s. 420.6265, F.S.;
  317         providing legislative findings and intent relating to
  318         Rapid ReHousing; providing a Rapid ReHousing
  319         methodology; amending s. 420.9071, F.S.; conforming a
  320         cross-reference; redefining the term “rent subsidies”;
  321         amending s. 420.9072, F.S.; prohibiting a county or an
  322         eligible municipality from expending its portion of
  323         the local housing distribution to provide ongoing rent
  324         subsidies; specifying exceptions; amending s.
  325         420.9073, F.S.; requiring the Florida Housing Finance
  326         Corporation to first distribute a certain percentage
  327         of the total amount to be distributed each fiscal year
  328         from the Local Government Housing Trust Fund to the
  329         Department of Children and Families and to the
  330         Department of Economic Opportunity, respectively,
  331         subject to certain requirements; amending s. 420.9075,
  332         F.S.; providing that a certain partnership process of
  333         the State Housing Initiatives Partnership Program
  334         should involve lead agencies of local homeless
  335         assistance continuums of care; encouraging counties
  336         and eligible municipalities to develop a strategy
  337         within their local housing assistance plans which
  338         provides program funds for reducing homelessness;
  339         revising the criteria that apply to awards made to
  340         sponsors or persons for the purpose of providing
  341         housing; requiring that a specified report submitted
  342         by counties and municipalities include a description
  343         of efforts to reduce homelessness; creating s.
  344         420.9089, F.S.; providing legislative findings and
  345         intent relating to the National Housing Trust Fund;
  346         approving specified sports