Florida Senate - 2016                                    SB 1246
       By Senator Thompson
       12-00207-16                                           20161246__
    1                        A bill to be entitled                      
    2         An act relating to a community schools initiative;
    3         creating s. 1006.05, F.S.; requiring the Department of
    4         Education to implement the Reigniting Education
    5         Achievement with Coordinated Help (REACH) Program as a
    6         public-private partnership in the lowest-performing
    7         public schools; authorizing funding; requiring the
    8         Commissioner of Education to establish certain program
    9         guidelines; specifying services to be offered with the
   10         goal of improving student academic achievement;
   11         providing requirements for implementation of the
   12         program; requiring the department to submit a report
   13         to the Legislature at the conclusion of the program;
   14         requiring the State Board of Education to adopt rules
   15         to administer the program; providing an effective
   16         date.
   18  Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:
   20         Section 1. Section 1006.05, Florida Statutes, is created to
   21  read:
   22         1006.05 Community schools initiative; Reigniting Education
   23  Achievement with Coordinated Help (REACH) Program.—
   24         (1) Beginning in the 2016-2017 school year, the Department
   25  of Education shall establish a 4-year community schools
   26  initiative by implementing the Reigniting Education Achievement
   27  with Coordinated Help (REACH) Program in three to five of the
   28  state’s lowest-performing traditional public schools with a
   29  large percentage of low-income, at-risk students. Program
   30  funding may not exceed $900,000 for the initial year of the
   31  program and each subsequent year unless increased by an act of
   32  the Legislature. The Commissioner of Education shall establish
   33  criteria for participation in the program, including school,
   34  health, and community services that must be offered according to
   35  the requirements of this section. A school interested in
   36  participating in the program must submit a letter of interest to
   37  the Commissioner of Education by July 15, 2016.
   38         (2) The program shall consist of a public-private
   39  partnership to supply wrap-around services to students attending
   40  the schools, including, but not limited to, tutorial and after
   41  school programs, student counseling, nutrition education, health
   42  and dental services, parental counseling, and adult education.
   43         (3) The program shall focus on improving academic
   44  achievement through a holistic approach in which students
   45  receive the academic, medical, nutritional, and social support
   46  they need to develop strong literacy and mathematics skills, as
   47  well as the qualities of responsibility, self-control,
   48  attentiveness, and cooperation. The program shall make available
   49  support services that encourage healthy family dynamics and
   50  home-school connections by providing parents with skills and
   51  opportunities to get involved in their children’s education and
   52  help their children succeed in school. The program shall be
   53  based on the following research-driven elements that lead to
   54  student success: improving student achievement and learning,
   55  leveraging community assets and improving school and community
   56  collaboration, improving staff capacity and effectiveness, and
   57  developing family and community partnerships.
   58         (4) The program shall be implemented as follows:
   59         (a) During the first year of operation, a school shall
   60  build partnerships with such entities as the school district,
   61  the local teachers’ union, parents, social service agencies,
   62  medical and dental professionals, community and civic groups,
   63  and businesses. The school shall also plan services, advertise
   64  the program, establish baseline data, begin offering the
   65  services, and report costs and benefits.
   66         (b) During the second, third, and fourth years of the
   67  program, the school shall continue the partnerships; continue
   68  offering the services; seek input and refine services; monitor
   69  the academic, health, and nutritional progress of students and
   70  families; and report progress, costs, and benefits.
   71         (5) At the conclusion of the program, the department shall
   72  submit to the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the
   73  House of Representatives a report that must include information
   74  on successful practices identified and their impact on student
   75  performance and success and include a recommendation for
   76  continuing or terminating the program.
   77         (6) The State Board of Education shall adopt rules to
   78  administer this section.
   79         Section 2. This act shall take effect upon becoming a law.